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How to List Bundles To eBay Without Options/Variations

October 2, 2014 - 10:28 am
Member Since: October 28, 2013
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One of the things we do is list “bundles” (a mengento term, i’m used to calling them “kits”) without giving an option to change the bundle on the listing, i.e. a listing made up of different inventory items which is not a variation listing, so the customer cannot make choices on the listing.

For instance if we sell cans of coke; we would want a master inventory item that holds all the stock(SKU COKE). We then would want a list for 10 cans of coke and a different listing for 20 cans of coke, these listings have no options; you can either buy 10 cans from the 10 can listing or 20 cans from the 20 can listing. When a purchase is made the stock must be adjusted out of the master inventory item(SKU COKE). (We make variation listings too, but also like individual listings as described above)

I achieved this by creating a simple product for a can of coke (SKU COKE). Then I created bundle product for 10 cans of coke(SKU COKEx10), on the bundle Items tab for the product I added an option of quantity with “Is required” set to “Yes” and added the product SKU COKE, I set “Defualt Qty” to 10, “User defined qty” to “No” and selected default ~ this means the product now has one selected bundle option as default which cannot be changed, i.e. it is a 10 pack of coke. I repeated the same for the 20 pack, but changed the qty to 20.

I then had to create a listing group in m2e with a slightly different “Price, Quantity and Format” Policy; “Ignore variations” needed to be set you “Yes” – If not m2e would create a variation listing with a drop down with 1 option.

After all the above was set I could list bundles, make purchases and the stock level on the master would adjust :) In the words of Matt “Happy days”.

One thing I did note is the stock levels on the bundle SKU and the Qty listed to ebay were incorrect, a bit of looking around and Matt has already raised the issue with m2e and it is being worked on…..-user-defi . Thanks Matt !!

I’m making this post as I couldn’t find any information as to how to list bundles without options, hopefully someone will find this useful or if there is a problem or an entirely easier way someone will let me know.

Next up is configurable bundles, but seems Matt & Dave are already on it! (


The following users say thank you to gingebot for this useful post:

Kevin Rogers


Dave Furness

October 2, 2014 - 10:29 pm
Member Since: July 19, 2013
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Hey Ginge

Thanks for posting, as regards developing configurable bundles, me and Matt had a chat about this and our main concern with this is how deep this gets and could require some hefty developing…we would much rather try to encourage the chaps at Wiz to get this functionality integrated as a build from scratch would take a lot of dev hours.

We know this is a limitation and are constantly looking for answers on this one.


Every expert was once a beginner

Adriano Ramiano

December 31, 2014 - 11:08 am
Member Since: June 26, 2014
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gingebot said

One thing I did note is the stock levels on the bundle SKU and the Qty listed to ebay were incorrect, a bit of looking around and Matt has already raised the issue with m2e and it is being worked on…..-user-defi . Thanks Matt !!


Hi Matt,

Happy New Year to you and all at Understandinge! :)

Did you ever get any reply from M2e on the bundle ‘available to build’ calculation issue as per the link above?

In my testing I’ve discovered that your ‘case #2’ method does appear to work, and accurate inventory calculations are made if you include every item quantity of a SKU on a new line (or bundle option ‘set’).

Unfortunately this is still not really workable for us as we can have up to 18 sticks of RAM and 8 hard drives in a single machine before we get onto the other components. That means an obscenely long order coming into Magento and makes changes to a bunch of bundle items incredibly cumbersome. Not to mention having to ‘set options’ for 50+ lines with every order for any items that have multiple variants within each bundle option set.

It would assume that having M2e calculate the ‘user defined qty/default qty’ box wouldn’t be at all complicated and I can’t quite understand why it hasn’t been included up to now.


Kevin Rogers

Not so New
March 29, 2016 - 9:22 pm
Member Since: March 19, 2016
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Thanks all. Especially Gingebot for your post and the links to Matt’s queries to M2E. This was HUGELY useful! I’ve been pulling my hair out for days trying to solve this!

I was successful setting up the product using Case #2 above. Now the complex bundled product QTY in M2E and eBay is equal to the lowest QTY of the connected simple products in Magento. The complex bundled product reacts accordingly in M2E and eBay, meaning it moves between “Listed” and “Listed (hidden)” when a connected simple product QTY = 0.

Not exactly an intuitive setup though. I’m a bit curious if Codisto handles these kinds of cases more elegantly.


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