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Reviewing Hosted Websites offering multi-channel capability and good functionality. Your suggestions requested.

May 11, 2015 - 4:42 pm
Member Since: May 5, 2015
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I am seeking advice on selecting an e-commerce retail Platform.

I am selling Automotive parts so my category structure and listing fields are a little different than traditional retail wares.

I am currently hosted with Auctiva but find it limiting and there is no muti-channel integrations or Apps like M2E to facilitate Multi Channel retailing to ebay or Amazon.

It is also not optimize for mobile apps which will soon cost be in my Google rankings.

I started a 10 day trial with Paxify but although it looked promising – it still will require a tremendous amount of work to list items and operate it as a multi-platform solution.

Are there other Magneto based “Ready to Populate”, Canned solution websites that integrate with M2E pro and offer good functionality?

Any feedback is appreciated.

Dave Furness

May 13, 2015 - 9:19 pm
Member Since: July 19, 2013
Forum Posts: 4606
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I don’t know of any other ‘canned’ solutions that i’d be happy recommending. We do have a number of members though who successfully list to automotive parts using Magento and M2E Pro and have successfully customised there system to work how they need them to.


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May 13, 2015 - 10:17 pm
Member Since: May 5, 2015
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I looked into developing a website. I do not have a server and would require a cloud based solution. When I looked into the Magento offerings there was a note that their cloud based products were going to be (or had been) discontinued. They were also limited to 10,000 items. I hope to post that each month. Is there a Magento system that can be run without a server and handle large volumes of inventory but low transaction rates? Should I be talking to Magento directly?

Is there another retail / inventory management system that M2E will operate with?

Even if a website operates as a shell and no one ever buys anything from it – I would be content. I need the muti-channel capability of M2E as I need to track sales across multiple platforms and speed uploading to Amazon and eBay where most of my sales are generated. Having my own website is a bonus – what I need is the cross-channel inventory system and automating as many fields as possible to get an item listed.

I am used to working with Channel Advisor and see M2E / Magento as filling this role.

Can I simply create a GoDaddy e-commerce website and integrate M2E into it or is M2E strictly designed to operate with a Magento front end? If so, I maybe stuck with Pixafy for now because they are the only game in town.

What can I do to optimize the listing and category structure of Pixafy for M2E?

I know you do not recommend Paxify but if they are the only solution available; what can I do to optimize the Pixafy System to facilitate the listing process to eBay and Amazon through M2E.

I am not too concerned about bandwith limitations or limited transaction capability at this point because sales volumes are not high. A structural limit on number of items would be a concern because I need to list thousands of parts and have tens of thousands available to list.

If I have to keep Paxify, what pre-cautions or steps can I take to optimize M2E integration with their front end.

Please let me know how to proceed.

Dave Furness

May 13, 2015 - 10:46 pm
Member Since: July 19, 2013
Forum Posts: 4606
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I have spoken to the chaps at Pixafy and there system looks good but from what we are used to it lacks the control we are used to.

M2E Pro does need Magento in order to run, it is a strictly a Magento extension.

Also Magento does need decent web hosting due to it being a bit of beast, hence why we recommend Simple Servers if you are in the UK or Europe or Simple Helix if in the USA, as both of these offer specialised Magento packages.

Why do you need to have a cloud based server?


Every expert was once a beginner


May 14, 2015 - 6:19 am
Member Since: May 5, 2015
Forum Posts: 3
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I am in the US / Canada and service both those markets.

I do not have a server set up and do hot have an on staff developer or 3rd party host. I had read about a cloud based Magento system for small business that did not require a dedicated server. It appears to no longer be supported.

I was looking at this cloud based solution to allow me to develop the site myself; I am now back to Pixafy. I have the $150,000 available to acquire the servers, hire the developers and wait the ten months to see if it will actually work but think that is folly and have seen too many try it and fail. I want to start small, build a business, grow it, learn what I can and then put a site together. I know from my shoe experience that my own site will never out perform Amazon and eBay in sales volume, even if I spent $7,500 a month on Google Ad words. So I am really looking for an uploading system and inventory manager – any sales on my site would be a bonus. So I would much rather put the funds into inventory at the moment than developing a fancy site.

Experience tells be i would have to tear it apart and start again within six months and incorporate everything I should have known the first time. Your forums are full of such people

” Looking for Magento developer and cost estimate on re-development of current website we designed ourselves.”

I am about to invest a lot of time and effort (but little actual capital) into developing this Pixafy site. I am already spending the same money on another hosted site that i wish to replace because it does not offer anything like M2E and is not mobile compliant.
I wish to use Pixafy as a laboratory for testing category structure, merchandising and testing promotions while learning the basics of Mageno and M2E. Once I have achieved some success and developed a following i can consider my own site. The key to making sales in my commodity is to list great volumes – like a department store. Get it on the shelf and get it on every shelf possible. Then drive traffic to it. I therefore need a thorough understanding of how my current Pixafy front end can best be, designed, structured, prepared, created, conjured, tweaked and optimized to best facilitate speed of uploading of product and have efficient multi-channel sales tracking. On the upload side; eBay, Google and Amazon categories are my biggest headache, I am hoping your template approach and mapping capability will relieve some of it. I need advice on laying out my Category Structure for simplified and efficient mapping to eBay and Amazon. Again I do not care about how this site operates – I am willing to sacrifice it’s functionality in order to list faster on the markets that count – eBay and Amazon.

I have always found success by utilizing technology in my endeavors. I have over 1,000 hours invested in an Excel Spread-sheet that I designed to expedite the manual uploading of products. It absorbs, massages, filters and sorts my data. It has given me great insight into the challenges you must have faced with M2E.

The Excel spreadsheet I developed;
Formats the data
Assigns a sku
Edits the titles into three formats by number of required characters
Cleans all the machine code out of the descriptions and edits them into three sizes based on number of characters required for each listing format
Converts them into HTML were required
Matches the uploaded hosted image URL addresses to each item and formats them for acceptance to each server’s requirements
Automatically selects meta tags based on similar previously selected items
Allows drop downs for description fields
Allows drop downs for key data
Allows non mandatory fields and non essential fields to be auto populated
Allows drop down selection for shipping rates
Automatically fills overseas rate and 3 day domestic rate based on USPS domestic rate selected
Maps to each proper target server category based on my host website category selection for the item
Allows me to generate HTML Description Templates based on the data fields

It is effective but still labour intensive and each server has to have a file uploaded to it manually.
50 items take three days to process, it is unacceptable.
Once uploaded I have to carefully track what was sold were and manually adjust the inventories on the other servers.
So far I have been able to keep eBay and Amazon happy but know I am playing with fire.

So, how can you help me.
Provide advice on the level of detail I should attain in matching by Magento/Pixafy listing categories to mirror eBay and Amazon Categories to facilitate category mapping in m2E
Provide a list of suggested fields I should add to my item detail pages to facilitate m2E integration and smooth operation.
(ie) a category called “Upload” was very good advice on the demo. Well done!
Any other ideas, settings, teaks, pitfalls or things I should read to help me get this Pixafy site up running and optimized for uploading.

Any help is deeply appreciated.

Once I get it going I can again document all my frustrations with it and look to you for solutions….then you can gloat and say ” I told you so.”
I’ll buy the first round at the pub.

Thank you for your patience with me.
BMW All Parts.

Dave Furness

May 19, 2015 - 8:19 pm
Member Since: July 19, 2013
Forum Posts: 4606
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Hi Dave,

Sorry for the delay in reply, unfortunately we do not support the pixafy site so we can’t really advise on this. When it comes to M2E Pro we have a whole course dedicated to best practice advice for setup with eBay and our latest one for Amazon:

Hope that helps


Every expert was once a beginner


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