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Automatic Currency Conversion for listing on international eBay sites via M2E Pro
Sheldor Baz1nga

September 14, 2015 - 1:46 pm
Member Since: March 19, 2014
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Hi all,

After prepping my store for a while I began listing to eBay France over the weekend. Only a few things to test the waters. I listed them directly via M2E Pro using the guides Matt & Dave provided (thanks guys :) ) They listed correctly but I was left wondering about the price.

Originally I made a mistake and used the default price to use on eBay France – so if the price was 2.50 GBP it listed as 2.50 EUR. A quick correction and I used the price I set up for eBay FR. But obviously I had to manually enter the Euro equivalent for each of the prices.

So my question is; Is there any way of automating a currency conversion from GBP to EUR? Over time the exchange rate will change enough to warrant updating the prices manually, so if there was an automated method of keeping the EURO prices in line with the actual exchange rates that would be great.

Any ideas?

Paul Cartwright
West Midlands, UK

September 14, 2015 - 3:14 pm
Member Since: January 7, 2015
Forum Posts: 414
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I’m about half way there as trying to achieve the same thing on amazon.

If you go into system>webservices you can import the exchange rate. For the store view you need to change the base currency to Euros and you go to system>general>currency setup you can set a cron job to import the up to date rates which works a treat on the website but that’s where I get stuck on how to relate it to the marketplaces

Hope this helps a little


Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new

Sheldor Baz1nga

September 15, 2015 - 10:21 am
Member Since: March 19, 2014
Forum Posts: 92
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Hi Paul,

Thanks for your response. Glad to know I’m not the only one thinking about this.

So far I have imported exchange rates using the Webservicex service. I think I need a cron job to run daily though because obviously the rate continuously changes. And as you say, that works fine for the website.

All the currencies I am using are enabled.

I’ll have to look deeper into getting automated conversions for the marketplaces. It would help to have this functionality built into M2E Pro directly, and then just run a midnight revision to update prices with the new xrate or something.

I will email them now and see how possible this functionality is.

Rich M

March 25, 2017 - 5:34 am
Member Since: July 19, 2016
Forum Posts: 19
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Hi guys,

I also haven’t found a suitable solution within M2epro and Magento for this exchange functionality. However it is doable through excel and I’ve almost managed to get it completely automated.

Assuming you’re building your product database from a spreadsheet, then you can add an additional sheet which runs a web query for the exchange rates.
So if you’ve got your base currency price in one column, for the other currencies you can just add the pricing attribute headers, then a small formula in each of the other marketplaces you want to work out the price for. This formula will compare your base currency price against the exchange rate of your base currency vs the currency to convert into.

A point to note is it may be worth building a 2% ?? or so exchange margin in your favour, into the calculation, as assuming you’re using PayPal, this will be approximately the rate they give you when converting the foreign currency back into your base currency.

This isn’t the exact tutorial I followed but it’s pretty much the same:

You can set this to refresh the rates live every time you open the file, just remember to save it afterwards, now you’ll have updated pricing whenever you open this file.
From here you need it in .csv format obviously to import.
Here’s a cool tool I found for doing this is an automated fashion, and it allows you to select which columns from the worksheet you want to put in the .csv . I’m guessing miniumum sku, and prices in the various currencies.
File Sculptor.…..esculptor/

So with this you can setup a file sculptor ‘project’ where it will look at the source file (your worksheet), then create a conversion to .csv, either automatically, you can schedule the conversion if you want, or for me I’m using the ‘create desktop shortcut’ button. So you just have a button on the desktop which when clicked goes off in the background and does the .csv conversion for you. It can be set to overwrite the old file automatically, so the power of this could be if you’re doing the Fling > Dropbox thing, (can’t get fling to work for me Cry ), and obviously set the magmi cron etc, you can pretty much automate the currency updates from a single click from the desktop, or just schedule the conversion, as per the windows task scheduler function it has. The only one caveat, is that the excel workbook web currency conversion will only work when you open the file. Although it has a ‘refresh in background’ functionality, this only refreshes when you open the file. The other point to note is to make sure you close and save the source workbook before trying to run the conversion process. So essentially if you have an excel workbook where you build your product information, and prices, on say a Friday evening, you can close and save it, then run the FileScupltor conversion from the desktop shortcut (when you double click it, it doesn’t seem to do anything, then about a minute later, you get a ping sound and small box to say the conversion has completed), and then with whichever import .csv process you’re running, your Magento and M2Epro system will have the latest exchange rates pricing ready for the weekend trading (rates should be locked in over the weekend).

The help file with FileSculptor is pretty straight forward, if you have any questions, let me know, there were a few settings I had to play with in the program to get the outputted .csv to have the 0.00 format correct (choose the second option down (#.##0,00) in the field properties > format column), so you’re prices will look nice, especially if you’ve added the round function -0.01 in excel to get those 0.99 prices. And sometimes, on my system anyway, when you click things it doesn’t seem to be doing anything, you just have to wait a few seconds while it prepares for changes to the output file, but it gets there.

Hope this helps
Rich M

Rodney - UE
March 27, 2017 - 2:14 am

Rich, thanks for the help here. That would help people who might have issues.



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