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Images in Magmi csv - is there a simple way to specify them?
Canterbury UK

October 5, 2014 - 11:52 pm
Member Since: August 18, 2014
Forum Posts: 59
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I’ve followed the Magmi tutorials and all seems to make sense and I can see how it will simply life, but the one thing that escapes me is that specifying the image to use looks a whole lot more complicated because of all the filenames (and/or paths/URLs) that have to be entered. Is there an easier way?

What I mean is, normally, when creating product listings in Magento (without Magmi), I just first pick the product’s folder of images on my harddrive, visually choose some or all of the images I want and then sort them into an appropriate order.

In Magmi, as far as I can tell, in the spreadsheet I have to spend ages copy and pasting file names, folder locations or URLs (up to 12 times for eBay products)

I can copy all the images to the site’s media/import folder but I would not want to put them all in the root of that folder, but rather to keep the images in their already sorted (by product) folders. I could then very long-windedly copy and paste the filenames and folder path structure into the spreadsheet, but it all seems a very long way round to do what should be a simple thing like just selecting a few icons previews in a file requester and then clicking okay.

I have looked around to see if Excel, Calc or Google Docs spreadsheet can simply accept a file name via drag and drop but I can’t seem to be able to do that simply and it still would mean I need to add the product’s folder names to each and every spreadsheet cell.

There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do this and in the end I might just be better off not trying to do the images at all via Magmi, instead manually adding them via Magento one product at a time (after first importing the Magmi csv). For me it seems this would be quicker and I could then see and sort the images better at the same time.

Please tell me I’ve missed something really obvious or that there’s an easy way around this. Ideally it would be great if I could review the spreadsheet (or some other intermediary way) with little thumbnails of the images to check they are the right ones and in the right order, and use drag and drop to add them in the first place.

Matthew Ogborne

October 6, 2014 - 9:47 am
Member Since: July 18, 2013
Forum Posts: 4565
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Howdy Tris,

You can just use Magmi to upload the products and then go back and add the images as desired if that’s easier for you.

Magmi has you’ve found can also import the images either via a full URL or via a path relative to the media/import folder.

Thinking aloud, if it’s taking a while entering the image names, why not standardise the image names?

So for example calling the images sku_1.jpg, sku_2.jpg etc…. And a real example of having a shu of abc100, then you would have this in your spreadsheet:

abc100_1.jpg <= Your main gallery image

And then upload those images to your media/import folder.

Also note that it doesn’t matter if abc100_12.jpg doesn’t exist, Magmi won’t find the image and will skip it in in the media gallery and just leave a warning behind that it didn’t exist.

Does that help Tris?


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Joe Mills

October 6, 2014 - 4:42 pm
Member Since: January 28, 2014
Forum Posts: 48
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What I did to ease the image import was make an excel template with several fields that copy info from each other. So for example my image cells are just set to take the sku+.jpg on the end, and therefore I fill it in once for the sku and it copies across to the other fields automatically. I also used this method to help me with my ebay titles, as you often end up using colour+size+sku+ a few other keywords that you can put in another cell to append on the end. Saves a lot of time on manual data entry, but as matt said, only works if you have standardised file names.

Canterbury UK

October 6, 2014 - 5:18 pm
Member Since: August 18, 2014
Forum Posts: 59
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Thanks both Matt and Joe
I’ve been working along similar lines to these ideas all day! Learning more Excel tricks than I thought I would today but perhaps it’s something I’ve always meant to get around to doing like the one Joe suggests about linking cell contents together into another.

Have also managed to transpose everything into a form using data tables which I hope will work but I did have the problem of Excel’s form limitations (too many columns for it) – but thanks to a nice add-on I found earlier called dataform3 from, I think I’m about to fly.

Also managed to create a form entry where I can enter the product’s image folder into a cell (e.g. based on SKU or whatever), then add that to path for the images and gallery. Loads of extra columns building up in my spreadsheet but I hope to boil them all down into an exportable csv by joining data and then copying to another sheet before saving.

For the image media_gallery, so far I have a formula that looks like this for the images and it seems to work (it even leaves off the last semi colon if there is no image specified in a cell):

So via a form, I just enter an image folder path in one cell, the iimage filenames in a range of other cells and then a final one builds the media_gallery content (and the main image cells) for Magmi. Will add more images to the formula later.

Not tested it all in Magmi yet but hope to shortly and I really hope it all works otherwise too many hours wasted!

I might do the image renaming of images to standardise their names, but current wondering if there’s a clever trick I can do to pull in a folders filename contents automatically based on the folder name?

Will try and let you know if this all works…

Canterbury UK

October 8, 2014 - 1:14 pm
Member Since: August 18, 2014
Forum Posts: 59
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Just realised that the code above came out wrong (had tags stripped), here it is again properly for anyone interested:


The [image2] ref is the table header for the image, and the [image_folder] is the table header ref for the folder I’d like the image to be pulled from.

NB: I’m still working on my spreadsheet, so not sure if this will all work finally when importing in Magmi, but I managed to include a macro that opens a file dialogue (showing me previews of the images – hooray!), I can then multi-select them as I require and the file names automatically get entered into cells in the table.

Matthew Ogborne

October 8, 2014 - 5:24 pm
Member Since: July 18, 2013
Forum Posts: 4565
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Tris said

But I managed to include a macro that opens a file dialogue (showing me previews of the images – hooray!), I can then multi-select them as I require and the file names automatically get entered into cells in the table.

How sick is that!

Nice work Tris


"Selling an item online is easy, but making living from a business that sells online, well that’s something different entirely!"

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Canterbury UK

October 8, 2014 - 5:33 pm
Member Since: August 18, 2014
Forum Posts: 59
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I’m amazed I managed to work out how to do it and I had no idea it could be done at all.

I pieced lots of vague bits of code that I found by googling around for hours on end. After extensive trialling I got it all to work and in the end it’s all really rather simple.

When and if this all works I’ll send you (Matt) a copy and/or post my results here.


David Cartwright
Wymondham. Norfolk. UK.

October 9, 2014 - 8:36 am
Member Since: June 3, 2014
Forum Posts: 61
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Hi Tris.

I can’t wait to hear that this all works, as it looks to be the solution to the same problem as I have with images in Magmi.

Looking forward to seeing your results posted here.


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We make it Personal

Yosef Sufrin

January 5, 2015 - 7:36 pm
Member Since: June 30, 2014
Forum Posts: 33
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I have been searching for a solution to this for some time now and have finally found one. If you want the images to be uploaded in a specific sort order, all you need to do is save the images thus:

SKU: abcd
Images: 1-abcd.jpg,2-abcd.jpg etc.

If you do it this way Magmi will import them in order.


Stephen Maguire
Atlanta, GA USA
January 5, 2015 - 9:46 pm
Member Since: May 20, 2014
Forum Posts: 184
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I’ve used this little program available from CNET to edit image names : Renamer

It allows you to change case, prefix & suffix, replace, and much more.

Not the perfect solution but better than nothing.



Canterbury UK

January 6, 2015 - 12:51 am
Member Since: August 18, 2014
Forum Posts: 59
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This is my whole image "digital-workflow" process. It’s ended up being quite long-winded, but after the initial setup and first few times its quite easy to run through for each new product:

  1. Take numerous well lit pictures on a tripod from all required angles and arrangements in hi-res. I try to frame each image to allow images to be squared off later (best in most cases) or zoomed in on later if required.
  2. Import from camera using Downloader Pro from, with the right configuration this automagically renames each image at download with its date and time along with the camera’s sequential image number. Advantage is no image ever has a duplicate filename and I even set it to add folders for each day’s images.
  3. Manually sort copies of the images into new folders named after each products SKU (no spaces, no illegal [Win or Linux] characters and same exact upper/lower case spelling) and discard any images I definitely won’t be needing.
  4. Drag and drop images into jepgcrops ( In this I manually reposition and resize a squared frame and hone in on a detail if required. Save with one click all the images with "crop" automatically appended to the filename. The program is old and sometimes goes wonky (on my Win 7), but does lossless saves on jpegs and is the best no-brainer way of cropping I’ve ever found.
  5. Then, using the excellent FastStone Photo Resizer program, downscale (or upscale if required on the odd small cropped image) all images to 1200 pixels and add a tweak or two to image enhancement such as sharpening. Can add watermarks at this stage if required. Click a button and it saves a sized copy of everything in one go to a new folder.
  6. Review each product’s image folder one by one, removing to elsewhere any photos I don’t need, are similar or superfluous. I aim to have 12 or less images for each product.
  7. Choose my first main image and rename it if required to be first in the list by adding "1-" to the front of the filename. Rename others similarly as required to get the right order for display in Magento. For general file manipulation, image viewing and in-line renaming (and loads of other things!) I can use Directory Opus as a replacement for Windows Explorer. A bit complicated to get to grips with at first but it’s the best file manager ever as far as I’m concerned – it can even do FTP with an addon.
  8. Once happy with the images upload (copy) the product folders (complete with images) to the Magento media/import folder.

With the Excel spreadsheet I made, I managed to get it to select each product’s local picture folder (by referencing the sku), automatically adding it’s folder path and file name into the spreadsheet. When I export to CSV and upload to Magmi, the images are all properly picked up server side in Magento and everything comes through just fine. Can’t yet do it with product variations, nor images referenced via http sources, only locally stored "simple product" images.

Dave Furness

January 6, 2015 - 9:42 am
Member Since: July 19, 2013
Forum Posts: 4606
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Hey guys,

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your tips im sure loads will find these really helpful!


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