Few UK Firms Plan to Upgrade eCommerce Packaging

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The old adage “First impressions last” applies not only to people but also to products purchased online.

Even the most covetable product can turn a customer off if it shows up at their doorstep in a torn box, hence the need for a packaging design that is sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear during transit.

Product packaging matters a great deal to online shoppers, especially to those with the me-first mentality and who love to share their cool finds on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the list goes on.

Unfortunately, a lot of online retailers don’t pay enough attention to the manner in which they pack their goods, thinking it’s not as important as delivering the packages on time.

A recent survey conducted by packaging company WePack revealed that 49.7% of UK businesses haven’t thought of upgrading their product packaging. Only 11.8% of the respondents have considered using smaller boxes to cope with deliveries, while 10.7% have thought about using a stronger design.  


Low-quality packaging leads to drop in sales

Nothing devalues a product more than poor packaging.

If your customers aren’t happy with the way their orders were packaged, they won’t have any qualms about leaving negative reviews on your site, inclusive of photos! Once this happens, you know what comes next—a drop in sales.

To avoid that scenario, take the advice of Mick Clark, sales director at WePack:

“A few simple changes to the way your product is packaged could result in far happier customers when they receive their delivery. This has the potential of greatly boosting sales volumes in the long run.”

Have you come up with a new packaging concept that is resistant to wear and tear? We hope to hear from you in the comments below.

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