FedEx Offers Fulfilment Service to SMEs

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Last week, international logistics and shipping company FedEx launched a fulfilment service called FedEx Fulfillment, to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) fulfil orders from their websites and from online marketplaces.

It’s actually similar to Amazon’s fulfilment program, Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), except that FedEx Fulfillment specifically targets SMEs.

If you’re looking for a fulfilment service with low overhead cost for your start-up, you’re very much welcome to try FedEx’s new offering.

Send your inventory to FedEx Fulfillment, which then takes care of the entire fulfilment process from storage and packing down to distribution and delivery.   

As to why small eCommerce businesses should entrust their fulfilment needs to FedEx’s new service, Ryan Kelly, senior vice president of FedEx Supply Chain has this to say:

“FedEx Fulfillment gives small and medium-sized businesses the potential to achieve profitable and scalable growth. Online shoppers show deep-rooted loyalty to brands with fast shipments, easy returns, positive customer service experiences and flexible delivery options.”

Is FedEx Trying to Get Even with Amazon?


That is a rhetorical question as FedEx Fulfillment came on the heels of reports that Amazon will soon cut ties with FedEx, along with UPS,
and then put up their own delivery service.

The eCommerce company said starting their own delivery service will increase their capacity, especially during the busy holiday season.

It looks like Amazon got down to work immediately after releasing that statement because they announced last month their plan to build a centralised air hub for their growing fleet of air cargo planes.

Now you know what that means, more courier services to choose from for your business.

In connection with Amazon’s air hub, Dave Clark, senior vice president of worldwide operations at Amazon, said:

“As we considered places for the long-term home for our air-hub operations, Hebron quickly rose to the top of the list with a large, skilled workforce, centralized location with great connectivity to our nearby fulfilment locations, and an excellent quality of living for employees.”

Click here to read the entire press release on Amazon’s hub for cargo planes.

What do you think of these developments that are taking place in the FedEx and Amazon headquarters?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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