Adding Video to eBay listings

4 New Guides


This past week has been crazy and we have another 4 video tutorials for you.

These guides which have been released this week cover a range of topics including adding video’s into your eBay listings and also importing images the right way using Magmi.

New Guides This Week:

Importing Images into Magento using Magmi
Magmi & Product Image Imports

This guide is an additional tutorial as part of the importing products into Magento course.

We take Magmi to the next level and build upon the existing examples we have by showing you not just how you can import one image, but multiple images, and not just from files but also remotely from URL’s too.

Matt’s Note: This will help those of you have been seeing the warning message about a foreach() statement after running files.

How to enable layered navigation in Magento
Forum Question – How To enable Layered Navigation in Magento

Mike asked in a forum post about the complexities of enabling layered navigation in Magento and how we can enable it.

So we put together a quick 8 minute video showing you exactly how you can enable this within your Magento system.

Adding Video to eBay listings
Advanced eBay Listings – Adding Video to an eBay listing

This tutorial is part of the “eBay Listing & M2E Pro” course and in it we look at the use of videos in eBay listings.

We cover the benefits of having video in your listing and then we show you how to add a YouTube or Vimeo video into your listing.

With a little bit of code which is provided for you, it’s as simple as copy & paste  and “No Nerd Required”.

Dynamically Resizing Images for eBay

Re sizing Images for eBay

In this guide we show you a cool little PHP script that we have created that you can make run on your Magmi imports to ensure that your images all meet the minimum requirements from eBay.

In an ideal world you would take your own larger images and use those but as a quick fix we have come up with a way to get you over this hurdle and get your items listed.  This is especially useful if you have supplier feeds with small images.

Matt’s Note: It maybe possible to run this automatically with the value replacer in Magmi, we’re still investigating this.

Coming Up

We still have an impressive to do list and we do have a structure in place on what to tackle in which order.

We have a preliminary structure in place for the designing a Magento website on a shoestring budget guides.  This is going to be a large selection of guides and like we have done with the others we will be breaking these down into sub sections to make them easier to follow along with.

Matt’s Note: If you’ve been following us along since the beginning, we’re taking the same approach, Crawl > Walk > Run. When it comes to the website side for Magento, there are quite a few topics we need to cover so that we can walk with Magento. Most of these should be quick-fire tutorials as we’ll be doing our best to remove all hints of nerdy-ness for you.

We also have started doing the same with Amazon, we have a few more hurdles with Amazon due to their more rigid structure than eBay but we are working on this.

This week we’ll also be releasing those Order Management guides featuring Moogento.  We have the latest version of shipEasy and will be getting those guides recorded and hopefully live by the end of the week.

Matt’s Note: We were holding back for the flagging feature to be added, this is now in and we’re good to go

Another busy week with lots to do, and we’ll have another monthly update podcast for you shortly.

Matt’s Note: I’m looking forward to this one as I get to rib Dave for sending out “Text” :)

Enjoy the new guides,

Matt & Dave

PS.  We are now in March which usually means we should be expecting the eBay Spring Update sometime this month

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