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On Thursday of last week, we held episode 4 of our Fantastic 5 webinar series.

Here we talk about potential product ranges that you could consider for your business to dominate the market.

Product Research

So this is one of those rare, quirky webinars that we’ve had.

That’s because it all started out with me and Matt asking the webinar’s attendees to share their wackiest and weirdest product ideas.

From the list of products, we decided to explore the opportunities surrounding dog socks.

Why not some personal effects or home ornaments?

Well, that would defeat the purpose of this webinar which is to show you how to dominate a market by introducing a new product range.

We also like to be challenged to see if we can find an opportunity in the most obscure product area that the audience can think of.

In the video below you will see the exact process that myself and Matt would go through if we were in your shoes and looking to expand our product ranges.

We put emphasis on the importance of adding as many item specifics and keywords as you can to your product type.

Also, we encourage you to know your competition, as well as which areas of your product need improvement.

If you missed this webinar last Thursday, click on the replay link below and learn how to make your product and business dominate the marketplace.

Happy viewing!

Dave & Matt

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  1. David Knight
    David Knight says:

    Excellent video guys, well done. I’m not on eBay yet but looking to make the move soon and there has been a lot of good tips. Thanks guys.


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