Fantastic 5 Recording – Outsourcing The Right Way


Last Thursday we aired the fifth and final webinar episode of our Fantastic 5 webinar series.

In this one we talk about outsourcing, the numerous benefits you can get out of it, and how to find the right people to outsource work to.

Outsourcing the right way

Outsourcing means hiring team members that work with you remotely, but at the same time face-to-face via a highly effective business process.

In this webinar myself and Matt explain how outsourcing can expedite the growth of your business as it has done with ours.

We point out how delegating tasks to the members of your team can free yourself to focus on the core of your business.

We also mention the rewards of investing the right amount of time, effort and energy in training new members of your team.

As to where you can outsource day-to-day tasks like customer support, product listing and the like, we suggest the Philippines as one of the key areas to look at.

On the other hand, Eastern Europe, specifically Russia, offers fantastic developers.

Due to some more admin errors with the webinar software unfortunately a lot of people were unable to join, but you can now click on the replay link below and watch it.

Before we go, we’d just like to give you a heads-up that we have a full outsourcing course in the offing which we will let you know about soon.

With that said, happy viewing!

Dave & Matt

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  1. martyn2385
    martyn2385 says:

    Hello Matt & Dave,

    I have been selling online for many years now. Over these years I have outsourced as much work as possible I first set up my account back in 2009.

    I got really excited when I watched your outsourcing video. It covered a lot of topic areas and issues I have faced before myself.

    However, I am a bit confused about the prices you quoted in the video & podcasts there was mention of a website lister costing around 16,000 P-Peso’s PM and that you would have to pay a customary 13th-month as a bonus.

    I contacted 2nd office who are based in the Philippines to ask for some more information and how it all works. They sent me a job description part of that description included Salary, not being 100% certain of today’s going rate I asked the 2nd office advisor via Skype “What should I expect to pay salary wise?” to which they replied and I quote

    “salary ranges from $1,360 to $1,560 this includes the management fee, that’s per month”

    Please correct my maths if I am wrong but
    $1560 * 12 = $18,720 — USD/GBP exchange rate @ 1.33 = £14,075 PA (+ the customary 13th month @ $400)
    minus the salary of let’s say $400 for talk sake, you are left with a surplus of $1160 for office and management fees.

    Is this the correct amount for staff management fees?

    If no; What is the correct amount?

    If yes; Would it be an idea to outline the additional $1160 management fee (300% increase) to all your loyal members before they invest their time enquiring with 2nd office?



    • Dave Furness
      Dave Furness says:

      I replied to you in the forums Martyn, but just foe anyone else reading this.

      2nd Office is an option but in our Outsourcing course due out by the end of September 2016 we will show you how to hire staff directly from your business that can work from home.



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