Fantastic 5 Recording – What is Multi-Channel Software?

Howdy ,

Firstly, our BIG thanks to you for taking the time out of your busy Thursday schedule to join us in our webinar on multi-channel software — the first of our Fantastic 5 Webinar Series.

Secondly, please be reassured that the problems we encountered on Thursday were not problems on your end.

It’s just so unfortunate we had to figure in some unexpected technical problems, as we started the day really psyched up for this webinar.

The good news is that we’ve managed to sort out the unnecessary glitches that interfered with what was supposed to be a very engaging topic.

It’s a good thing our webinar provider was quick to address the problem, thus helping us resolve it before it was too late.

Thirdly we think we have fixed the notification alerts, as many apparently did not receive the reminder emails an hour and 15 minutes before we started.  So next Thursday everything should be much smoother.

If you’ve missed any part of the webinar, and would like to learn how the use of multichannel software can massively improve your business, you may click on the replay link below and watch it Now.

Happy viewing!

Dave & Matt

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