The Fantastic 5 Premium Webinar Series Schedule

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We mentioned a few weeks ago that we would be running a special Premium webinar series that we had called “The Fantastic 5”.

We are happy to share with you today the schedule for the premium webinar series as well as a quick breakdown of what you can expect in each topic, and of course the all important registration link to ensure you don’t miss out.

You can register now and save your seat by clicking the button below:


“Access expert led videos & answers for less than £1 a day, with a 30 days money-back guarantee”


This is a Premium tutorial and available to Premium members only.

As a Premium member you’ll gain access to all the tutorials and courses like this one which go those extra steps.

Also being a Premium member gives you these extra perks:

  • Access to over 400 step-by-step video tutorials
  • Learn how to build a fully-responsive, mobile friendly Magento website for just $99
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  • Access to Premium Webinars & the Webinar Library
  • Talk with peers in the premium members only lounge in the forums

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Matt & Dave.

The good news is that you can still upgrade to Premium now and get involved in the Fantastic 5 series.

What is Multi-Channel Software – 21st July 2016


In this first webinar we will be taking a closer look at the subject of Multi-Channel software.

If you are new to multi-channel ecommerce, or have staff that you want to bring up to speed on the software side of things, this webinar is a perfect introduction.

We will take you through why you want multi-channel software if you are running an ecommerce business.

We will introduce you to the 3 different generations of software and also the current pricing models you can expect to come across with the different software providers.

By the end of the webinar you will know everything there is to know about multi-channel software and how that any software is better than no software when it comes to your productivity.

An introduction to marketing your Ecommerce business – 28th July 2016


Marketing is crucial for your website.  At UnderstandingE we have always advised against spending your whole budget on building a website and leaving nothing left for marketing.

All you will have then is a super nice website with no traffic, which means no sales and crucially no ROI on your website investment.  (This is why we created the Design your own Responsive Magento website for just $99 course)

With the marketplaces this is what your fees go towards.  The 20+ Million hits that Amazon and eBay get monthly.

Your website will most likely not reach that level, so instead in this webinar we will show you the best places to get started in marketing your website and making it profitable as soon as possible.

How to get the most from your WidgetChimp account – 4th August 2016


As you should know with being an UnderstandingE Premium member you also get access to a WidgetChimp account included for free with your subscription.

WidgetChimp is an incredible piece of software and in this webinar it’s creator, our very own Matt Ogborne will show you how you can get the most out of WidgetChimp for your business.

If you already use WidgetChimp then you may learn some new features and functions that you aren’t currently utilising.

How to research new potential product ranges – 11th August 2016


This is one of our most watched webinar types as part of our Mastermind group and we just had to bring it to the Fantastic 5 series as we know you can get so much value from this.

We will take a random suggestion for a new product range live in the webinar and then we will show you how you can research the product range on the marketplace.

We work on the theory that competition is healthy but domination is immunity.  So we will show you what to look out for on existing listings, and what opportunities (if any) there are in the marketplace.

We have done this five times before and each time managed to find a very viable product range with great profit potential.

So this is one you won’t want to miss as we share with you the process we follow, as well as some super impressive software you can use to speed up your Amazon product research.

The Introduction to Outsourcing the right way – 18th August 2016


This is the one that we think will bring you immense value and the one we are most looking forward to.

At UnderstandingE we have seen first hand what an incredible affect outsourcing can have on your business.

It frees up your time as the business owner to focus on the things that only you can do and should be doing, and alleviates most of the day to day tasks which can be a huge distraction.

In this final webinar of the Fantastic 5 series we will be sharing with you the do’s and don’t of outsourcing, but also our crucial tips for how to hire well for your team and what options are available to you.


As always at the end of each webinar there will be time for a Q and A with myself and Matt.

This is where we can cover any questions you might have about the topic we have covered in that day.

To save you scrolling back up here is the registration button again:

With that said, we are really looking forward to speaking with you in the Fantastic 5 webinar series and just incase you missed it above here is the registration link again.

See you on the 21st for our first Fantastic 5 webinar,

Dave & Matt

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    I’m pretty certain I saw that announced but can’t find it on this site.


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