Facebook Boosts AI Capabilities with Grokstyle

Facebook Boosts AI Capabilities with GrokStyle


News of Facebook investing in several startups, specifically those that are focused on messaging and AI apps, is unsurprising.

After all, their CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg stressed a few years back that the future of the company will be all about artificial intelligence.

He says a strong AI infrastructure will prevent the proliferation of fake news and improve the quality of content on Facebook.

Their latest acquisition, though, does more than filter online content; it simplifies the process of shopping for furniture.

The social media giant said the addition of visual search startup GrokStyle to their platform will contribute to their AI capabilities.

Adding value to their eCommerce platform

Though they didn’t specify in which area of their business they intend to use GrokStyle’s technology, Facebook’s continuous expansion of Marketplace, a feature on the social network site where users can buy and sell items, clearly explains the reason behind the acquisition.

According to Facebook spokesperson Vanessa Chan:

“We are excited to welcome GrokStyle to Facebook. Their team and technology will contribute to our AI capabilities.”

The integration of GrokStyle’s AI technology into the Facebook Marketplace will surely benefit both sellers and buyers as the former helps online shoppers find the furniture piece of their choice with a single picture.

Once a user uploads a picture of any furniture piece, GrokStyle matches it with the actual thing, or with similar items, along with a link which takes them directly to the product they wish to buy.

Aside from quickly satisfying the needs of a customer, it no doubt increases the sales of sellers who are in the furniture business.

What are your thoughts on Facebook’s efforts to boost their AI capabilities? Share them in the comments below.

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