Entrusting Last-Minute Gifts to Amazon

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Gift-giving isn’t only for Christmas time.

Having friends and a family of your own, you know pretty well that there’s always somebody whom you need to send a present to for their birthday, wedding, graduation and the list of occasions goes on.

However, when you’re too preoccupied with work, you tend to forget about it until the last minute.

If this happens to you a lot, then it most likely does happen to majority of your customers.

So, what can you do to help online shopping crammers get their gifts to the intended recipients on time?

Encourage them to use Amazon’s gift wrapping service, and you increase your customer satisfaction score apart from your profits.


How Speedy is Speedy on Amazon?

Over the holidays, I stepped up to a challenge which Tamebay’s co-founder and editor Chris Dawson posed me — to get a fully wrapped present delivered to him in time for Christmas Day.

I ordered an item on Amazon on the afternoon of the 23rd of December, had it gift-wrapped and then Chris received it on Christmas Eve.

That’s how speedy Amazon is at delivering last-minute presents, considering that it was the last day for delivery for online retailers.  We truly put Amazon to the test when it comes to handling potential broken promises.

Buyers have four gift-wrap options to choose from on Amazon; they are available for all items except media products like books and video.

How Do Customers Access Amazon’s Gift Wrap Service?

Enable the Gift Options in your Amazon Seller Account to give your customers access to the gift-wrap options.

You may set up a price for each option and charge for every item that is wrapped.   

A customer who wishes to send a present overseas has to make their purchase on the local Amazon site of the recipient and pay the corresponding gift-wrap cost.

Now that you know how Amazon’s gift wrapping service can boost your sales, you will want to promote it alongside the products which you sell on the eCommerce giant.

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