Effective Couponing Can Get More German Consumers Online

Effective Couponing Can Get More German Consumers Online

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Discount coupons not only give customers a wonderful shopping experience but also increase an online store’s sales revenue. What’s more, they prevent inventory from going stagnant.

Creating coupon codes for specific products in your store is a great way to encourage shoppers to purchase additional items at their regular price. This makes them happy and you make more money. Get the picture?

The only time that promotional coupons or vouchers can become a problem is when they’re inaccessible to price conscious individuals such as the Germans. Frugal by nature, German consumers value their money down to the last penny that they apply all saving tactics while shopping except for one—discount coupons.

According to a recent study by Offercode.com, a platform for discount codes, Germans rarely use vouchers. The result of their survey of 1,500 consumers from the UK, USA, Germany, Italy, and Spain revealed that only 30% of Germans use promotional codes when shopping online.

That is statistically insignificant compared to 40% of Americans and 50% of the French who look for coupons first before shopping online, while 70% of Italians and 60% of Spanish respondents say they always use discount codes.

Why Germans don’t use coupons

When asked their reasons for not using vouchers, 42% of German respondents said there are no coupons available for the products they want, 28% said they don’t know where to find such codes, and 21% said they don’t know how to gain access to these codes.

The study also found that Germans seldom shop online; 54% of them use the internet to buy things at least once a month. On the contrary, 79% of the British, 72% of Italians, and 70% of Americans shop several times a month.

Looking at the survey results, Offercode.com founder Hans Kern said:

“Our survey results show that Germans rarely shop online and do not use discount codes very often, the main reason being that there are no coupons for many products, but also many respondents, mainly about companies and their newsletters As a result, we conclude that many Germans would shop online more frequently if they can save on it, so we recommend companies with online shops in Germany to lure their potential customers through coupon codes and thus turn them into active buyers.”

Start an effective couponing strategy

While 38% of Germans polled say they have stumbled on a discount code on a retailer’s website or in a newsletter, 27% of them say they search for coupons themselves, while 26% said they have received a discount code while buying a different item.

To encourage them to buy more frequently from your online store, create coupons on different platforms besides your online store or the marketplaces that you’re selling on.

Why not put a discount code alongside your shoppable post on Instagram or next to your listing on Facebook Marketplace? Of course, don’t forget to send one to your email list, too.

Do you have a lot of German customers? How often do they shop at your online store? Share your story with us in the comments section below.

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