eBay’s UK 2018 Spring Seller Updates

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Get ready for eBay’s new fees and subscriptions which they rolled out a couple of days ago, along with other UK Seller Updates.

All changes made will take effect beginning 1st April 2018 to give sellers more time to determine what they need for their business.

eBay have split the pricing changes, hence some are applicable to all sellers while others are specific to those with a Shop subscription.

The following changes will apply to all eBay sellers in the UK:

  • The final value fee in the Vaporizers (183494) and E-Cigarettes, Vapes & Accs (183497) categories will be 11%.
  • The final value fee in the Video Games & Consoles (1249) category will be 8% with the exception of the Video Games Consoles (139971) category which will remain at 5% with a £20 maximum.
  • For items that have been listed in two categories, the higher of the two final value fees will be charged. For example, if you’ve listed an item in both the Music category (which has an 8% fee) and the Musical Instruments category (which has a 9% final value fee), when it sells you will be charged the higher 9% final value fee.
  • For sellers whose level is Below Standard, there will be an additional 4 percentage points fee on the standard final value fees at the time the item sells. For example, a final value fee would increase from 8% to 12%. Above Standard and eBay Top-rated Sellers will not be affected by this change.

Meanwhile, those who have an eBay Shop subscription can take advantage of the following features:

  • Final value fee category caps

For example, if you have a listing in the Headphones category, it will continue to have a 5% final value fee, but will no longer benefit from the £20 maximum cap and will be charged 5% on the full item price. If you want to retain the benefit of final value fee category caps consider subscribing to an eBay Basic Shop.  

  • Selling Manager Pro

From 1 June 2018, access to Selling Manager Pro will only be available to eBay Shop subscribers.

The table below shows the breakdown of the changes to Shop subscriptions.

No ShopBasicFeatured Anchor
Pay as you listGet your business started with reduced fees and tools to help you grow.Take it to the next level with more inclusive listings, eBay packaging supplies, free international listings and more.Expand your enterprise with confidence, with unlimited inclusive fixed price listings and increased benefits across the board.
Monthly subscription value £90 £245 £1,275
Monthly price £25 £69 £399 (was £269)
Included fixed price listings £250 1500 Unlimited
Included 7-day auction-style listings £50 300500
Insertion fee per additional fixed price listing 30p 10p5p Free
Insertion fee per additional auction-style listing 30p 15p15p 15p
eBay packaging voucher XX Worth £10 a month Worth £20 a month
Listing upgrade credit XXWorth £10 a monthWorth £20 a month
Free listings in 13 additional countries XX
Selling Manager Pro X £4.16 Free Free
NEW: Concierge XXX

In hopes of bolstering their free delivery service, eBay says changes have been put in place for their eBay Premium Service.

Changes to the eBay Premium Service

They are introducing a requirement for valid tracking information to be uploaded for items over £20 as part of the change. This only applies to items with a value over £20, including auction-style listings and Best Offers. Valid tracking must be uploaded within the dispatch time.

Sellers who conform to these changes will see their listings enjoying maximum visibility in Best Match search results as well as a 10% final value fee discount.  

An Improved Cataloguing System for Products

The eBay catalogue is a library of product information that helps buyers and sellers reach a common understanding of what is for sale. It enables sellers to associate their listings with existing product details.

A new system for product cataloguing is currently being tested by eBay. They say it’s ‘product-based’ as listings of the same product are displayed together in the search results pages, allowing customers to easily compare their options and decide which item to purchase.

If you’re listing a small range of products, you will be required to list using the eBay catalogue starting in May, to ensure buyers of streamlined, product-focused search results.

Also inclusive in eBay’s Seller Updates are improved marketing tools to increase your visibility, enhanced returns policies, and changes to eBay Shopfronts which you can read here.

How will these changes affect your business? Let us know in the comments down below.

As always, to your continued success.

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