eBay’s New Platform Connects Sellers to Physical Media Users

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Boy, do we have great news for all of you who are selling books, video games, Blu-ray discs, DVDs, vinyl albums, and other physical media.

eBay has recently launched The Entertainment Shop, a platform for buying and selling items such as those mentioned previously.

It’s an avenue for book publishers, music and film producers, wholesalers and B2C retailers to connect with eBay’s 23 million customers in the United Kingdom.

And in case you didn’t know yet, many of whom are avid fans of physical media, which explains the logic behind the growing following of such products.

Though they’re locked in a tight race against digital media, DVDs, comics, books and the like remain in high demand among UK customers across all ages.

Based on the forecast of Statista, a statistics company, 5.1 million millennials, 4.83 million Generation Xers, and 4.86 million Gen Zers will be using physical media by 2020.   

You see, they are far from obsolete. If sold on the right platform, these products will take your business to new heights in three years’ time.

Lower Fees and Instant Marketing

When eBay set up its physical media hub, it partnered with major studios to help retailers with new releases, while the more established businesses like musicMagpie, Wordery, and Entertainment Alliance are expected to enhance their offerings.

Aside from improving your brand’s visibility and providing marketing and advertising solutions to support new releases, selling on The Entertainment Shop is an opportunity not to be missed as it offers lower listing fees.

eBay Vice President Rob Hatrell said the new hub was spun from a single idea which is:

“We want to be the destination for physical media in the UK driven by best value, unrivalled inventory and competitive seller fees. The launch of The Entertainment Shop is a natural progression for eBay that will offer brands and sellers of all sizes the opportunity to capitalise on the UK’s enduring appetite for physical media.”

Now that’s eBay walking in a seller’s shoes.  

Do let us know your thoughts on this new platform in the comments section below.

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