eBay’s New Fixed-Price Policy Came Out Later Than Expected

eBay’s New Fixed-Price Policy Came Out Later Than Expected


As announced on the 2019 Early Seller Update, eBay have moved all fixed-price listings to Good ‘Til Cancelled, albeit later than expected.

The eCommerce giant initially said that by March, all fixed-price listings will be set to Good ‘Til Cancelled by default. However, they rescheduled their plan a few days before April.

On 1st March, Harry Temkin, vice president of seller experience, made this announcement in the eBay forum boards:

“We’re aware of concerns some of you may have around managing GTC listings. Today in the Seller Hub Active listings page, you can see the start date of each of your listings. You can also sort by the start date to see, for example, your oldest listing at the top. With the start date, you can determine how long a listing has been active – but, currently, this requires you to do some math. By the end of March, we’ll do the math for you and will show you the number of days each listing has been active.”

Before noon on 29th March, he updated his post with this message:

“Our goal is to introduce the capability to show you the number of days each listing has been active in Seller Hub in April. Until then, you can continue to use the current sort filter in Seller Hub to calculate when an item was listed. We apologize for this short delay in introducing this new functionality.”

Although the new GTC policy took effect in the UK on 1st April, some sellers aren’t happy saying eBay haven’t informed them of the fees that they’re going to pay for their listings.

Sellers can create GTC listings for free

New Good ‘Til Cancelled listings, according to eBay, are included in a seller’s monthly zero-insertion-fee listing allowance. They will only be charged an insertion fee every 30 days, which is the duration of a fixed-price listing.

All GTC listings will renew automatically unless a seller’s item sells before the 30th day.

eBay’s new policy on fixed-price listings first rolled out in Australia last February followed by the US in mid-March. It won’t come into force in Canada until July.       

As an eBay seller, how did you handle these changes? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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