eBay’s ‘Interests’ Feature Creates a Perfect Store

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There’s no better way of personalising a customer’s shopping experience than by asking them exactly what they want.

Ask eBay about it as they’ve done various personalizing tactics to ensure customer satisfaction in their marketplace.

In fact, they recently rolled out Interests, a new feature in their mobile app which creates a personal, if not perfect, store for every customer based on their style, hobbies and passion.

The logic behind that is pretty simple: everyone has diverse interests.

eBay’s new feature takes personalization to a higher level, which can’t be achieved by only using a customer’s purchasing history. The eCommerce giant said:

“We’ve constructed an ecosystem of things, more than a category, and centered on the lifestyle of activities, passions and styles. In this new eBay, yoga isn’t just about fitness mats and leggings—it’s about woven blankets, meditation and aromatherapy—things that wouldn’t conventionally fall into the category of “Sports & Fitness.”   

Using their own data and algorithms, eBay will identify what each customer wants through a simple questionnaire. Then they will curate a list of items based on the customer’s selections and use these to customise their homepage.

Now isn’t that good news for sellers like you? Why, if your product is among the preferences of a customer, then it would automatically appear on their homepage.

“Our shopping experience should be as individual as each shopper on eBay,” said Bradford Shellhammer, head of browse and personalization at eBay.

“By asking people to tell us a little bit about their interests, we’re delivering a personalized store built around the things you care about most.”

eBay Interests is now available in the US and expected to roll out to new platforms, including mobile web and desktop, in the coming months.

We hope this new feature will benefit you loads. Let us know what you think down below.


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