eBay’s ‘Accepts Offers’ Button Confuses Sellers

eBay’s ‘Accepts Offers’ Button Confuses Sellers  

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eBay came under fire again for switching the Best Offer feature on their marketplace from optional to fixed, or at least that’s what the new button called ‘Accepts Offers’ suggests.   

Many eBay sellers aren’t happy with the change, seeing it as an indirect way of coercing them to lower their prices even if they opt out of the feature.

Best Offer used to be an option for sellers to include in their listings and allow customers to make an offer that’s lower than an item’s Buy It Now price.

It’s actually a nice feature as it gives sellers the ability to negotiate with their customers without compromising their profit margin.  

However, eBay irked a lot of sellers, who later voiced their grievances on the eBay forum boards, when they displayed the ‘Accepts Offers’ button above the search results, alongside All Listings, Auction, and Buy It Now.

According to the sellers, they’re fine with the Best Offer option so long as remains an optional feature. If it becomes compulsory and removes their right to make a choice, that’s when it becomes an issue.

eBay have also added Best Offer to Auction listings, which received mixed reactions.

Some sellers say eBay’s ploy defeats the purpose of an auction. Others, on the other hand, say they can exceed their margin by setting the lowest possible price on their listing and waiting for the highest offer before selling.  

What’s your take on the Best Offer changes? Let us know in the comments below.

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