eBay’s 2017 Spring Seller Updates

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Sellers on eBay UK and eBay USA have to deal with the major changes that eBay unexpectedly announced a couple of days ago.  

Dave recorded a video on the changes which you can see here: 

If you are an eBay Shop subscriber based in the UK, expect a drastic increase in your subscription fees starting 1st April.

There are three types of eBay Shops, namely Basic, Featured and Anchor, with the last being the highest level, not to mention most expensive.

For a Basic Shop, which includes 200 listings, your monthly fee will climb to £25 from what was originally £17.38, and you’ll get additional 50 listings.

A Featured Shop subscription will go from a monthly rate of £52.75 to £69 and include 1,500 listings, which is 300 more from the original number.

As for the Anchor Shop subscription, which is inclusive of unlimited listings, the monthly rate will increase to £269 from £217.38.

Higher Insertion Fees For Shop Subscribers

An insertion fee is charged on additional listings that exceed the maximum number of listings included in an eBay Shop subscription.

When eBay’s new fees start to take effect, Basic subscribers are going to pay an insertion fee of 15p from the current 9p for every listing in excess of their free monthly listings.

Meanwhile, for listings that go beyond the free ones in the Featured Shop subscription, a fee of 5p from what was originally 4p will be charged.

No insertion fees for Anchor subscribers as they are entitled to unlimited listings.

Aside from the free monthly listings, Featured and Anchor Shops also offer listing and packaging credits.

A Featured subscription comes with £10 worth of listing upgrade credit while an Anchor subscription has £20 worth of credit.

Featured and Anchor subscribers also get free packaging credit worth £10 and £20, respectively.

Unfortunately, sellers with the Basic Shop subscription do not qualify for either of these freebies.  

eBay USA Offer More Visibility

If you’re an eBay seller who’s based in the US, you’ll love some of the updates on eBay USA, but cringe on others.  

Remember those third-party product listing ads which turn up in eBay search results?

eBay have replaced them with eBay promoted listings, to make your product more visible to buyers.

What’s more, a Promotions Manager, which will be available next month, will help get your special offers to appear in search results within the eBay mobile app.

Flexible Shipping Tools

Moving on to shipping, eBay created new tools that give you the ability to manage your shipping costs and handling time with ease.

Using eBay’s location-based shipping rate tables, you can come up with shipping rates based on the distance of your shipping destination from your warehouse.    

eBay also created a calendar tool to help you organise your shipping schedule.

New Final Value Fees

Citing the amount of their investment, marketing efforts and tools to enhance seller and buyer experience, eBay said the adjustment that they’ve made to the final value fees is just fair.

Starting 1st May, they are going to impose their new final value fees on eBay Store subscriptions.

Your FVF will depend on the type of category you sell in. See the chart below.


Store Subscribers

Current FVF


Select Computers/Tablets & Networking, Video Game Consoles, Heavy Equipment, Concession Trailers & Carts, Imaging & Aesthetics Equipment, and Commercial Printing Presses


No Change

Select Consumer Electronics, Select Cameras & Photos, Coins & Paper Money, and Stamps



Musical Instruments & Gear (except Pro Audio and DJ Equipment)



Select Motors Parts & Accessories and Automotive Tools and Supplies



Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Collectibles, Home & Garden, Select Camera & Photo Accessories, Select Cell Phones Accessories, Jewelry & Watches, Sporting Goods, Toys & Hobbies, Health & Beauty, Select Business & Industrial, Books, DVDs & Movies, Music, Video Games, and all other categories (exclusions apply)



Non-Store Subscribers


No Change

Stringent Requirements for Top Rated Sellers

Sellers who meet eBay’s selling and shipping standards are tagged as Top Rated Sellers, and qualify for exclusive benefits like a 20% discount on final value fees.

However, eBay decided to reduce the FVF discount of Top Rated Sellers to 10%.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, especially for many sellers who are constantly working hard to be eligible for the Top Rated Sellers program.

To make matters worse, eBay announced that starting 20th June, to qualify for the said program, the tracking information which sellers upload to My eBay should be 95% of their transactions with US buyers instead of the current 90%.

However, it’s not all bad news in this area because from 1st April, all Top Rated Sellers are going to receive a $30 credit quarterly which they can use for their promoted listing campaigns on eBay.

We know how eBay can throw many off balance with the changes that they come out with time and time again.

If there’s one thing that they haven’t changed yet, it’s their promise to help you grow your business.

Do you think that still holds true? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

To your continued success,

Dave & Matt


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