eBay’s ‘Accepts Offers’ Button Confuses Sellers

eBay’s ‘Accepts Offers’ Button Confuses Sellers  

Howdy ! eBay came under fire again for switching the Best Offer feature on their marketplace from optional to fixed, or at least that’s what the new button called ‘Accepts Offers’ suggests.    Many eBay sellers aren’t happy with the change, seeing it as an indirect way of coercing them to lower their prices even […]

eBay Customers Shop with Product Images

eBay Customers Shop with Product Images

Howdy ! Describing something with a concrete object, like a picture, is easier for some people than using plenty of words. That’s the rationale behind the new Image Search tool of eBay, which they launched on their UK site recently.   Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, Image Search allows eBay customers to […]


eBay’s ‘Interests’ Feature Creates a Perfect Store

Howdy ! There’s no better way of personalising a customer’s shopping experience than by asking them exactly what they want. Ask eBay about it as they’ve done various personalizing tactics to ensure customer satisfaction in their marketplace. In fact, they recently rolled out Interests, a new feature in their mobile app which creates a personal, […]

eBay Marketplace Arbitrage

eBay Fights Marketplace Arbitrage

Howdy ! Marketplace sellers who use arbitrage to earn money effortlessly are starting to lose sales specifically on the eBay platform. Arbitrage is the method of copying listings from another website like Amazon and reposting them to eBay at higher prices. It costs nothing except a software for sourcing products from other marketplaces, plus it […]

eBay Offers ‘Shop the Celebrity Look’ Service

Howdy ! When it comes to the capriciousness of online shoppers, eBay has no qualms about caving into their demands. After tying up with Mashable to launch ‘shoppable images’, which lets the website’s audience explore eBay’s marketplace to browse and purchase the items featured on Mashable without having to leave the site, the eCommerce giant […]


eBay Announces 2018 Spring Updates for US Sellers

Howdy ! eBay’s 2018 Spring Seller Updates revealed the massive changes being made to the eBay catalog and store categories on the eCommerce giant’s US site. Throughout this year and into the next, the eBay catalog is going to be expanded in phases and strictly imposed on sellers in order to provide buyers with a […]


eBay’s UK 2018 Spring Seller Updates

Howdy ! Get ready for eBay’s new fees and subscriptions which they rolled out a couple of days ago, along with other UK Seller Updates. All changes made will take effect beginning 1st April 2018 to give sellers more time to determine what they need for their business. eBay have split the pricing changes, hence […]

eBay Pushes for Voice Shopping

Howdy ! Are keyboards and touchscreens approaching obsolescence as conversational commerce, or the purchase of products using voice assistants, advances? We ask because online shoppers are increasingly relying on voice-controlled services and devices, such as Alexa, Google Home and Siri, when purchasing products online. Even eBay CEO Devin Wenig envisions voice technology playing a big […]