eBay-Wolverhampton Partnership Helps Small Retailers

eBay-Wolverhampton Partnership Helps Small Retailers

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eBay and the city of Wolverhampton team up to help local retailers expand their businesses into cyberspace, and prove that online and high street retail can co-exist.

The partnership came after a new research commissioned by eBay revealed that 25% of the city’s small entrepreneurs don’t have an online presence — meaning they don’t operate a website, they don’t have social media accounts, and they don’t sell on online marketplaces.

Because they’re not used to selling their products on the Internet, retailers at Wolverhampton will be assisted by eBay in setting up shop on the eCommerce giant’s platform.

Roger Lawrence, leader of the Wolverhampton City Council, couldn’t be happier with eBay’s proposal and said:

“I’m delighted a global brand like eBay has chosen to work with us on an initiative which is the first of its kind in the UK.   

Retailers get support, training and free store subscriptions

eBay’s partnership with Wolverhampton paved the way for the first Retail Revival in the UK, a 12-month programme which will help small businesses propel their businesses to the top.

Participating companies and individuals are going to receive the following:

  • Onboarding support – learn to set up an account and a personalised shop on eBay, inclusive of inventory
  • Training and education – participate in a comprehensive training program that covers eBay selling basics, strategies for getting the most out of the eBay marketplace, and tools for boosting sales
  • Ongoing support – have access to a dedicated customer service team that provides strategic guidance and troubleshooting support
  • Store subscription – get a complimentary one-year store subscription with free listings, shipping supplies and other valuable perks
  • Marketing and PR – drive store traffic by getting featured on eBay’s online and social media channels

As for choosing Wolverhampton’s retailers as beneficiaries of the eBay programme, Rob Hattrell, vice president of eBay UK, said:

“I’ve seen that Wolverhampton businesses have the creativity matched with the entrepreneurial skill to create products needed and wanted all over the world – and Ebay will help them to sell in the way they want to online.”

This is a rare opportunity that retailers shouldn’t miss, don’t you agree? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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