eBay Withdraws Watermarks Policy

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It looks like online sellers have successfully swayed eBay’s decision to ban listings with watermarked images.

Four months ago, the eCommerce giant said it will remove listings that do not comply with their watermarks policy beginning the 1st of March 2018.

However, the policy raised doubts when eBay gave mixed signals to sellers in the US and UK.

In an email which it sent to UK sellers, eBay said the policy would stand but wouldn’t be enforced. A few hours later it posted on the US Seller Announcements board that it wanted to give sellers more time to comply.  

Last Thursday eBay finally released an official statement following a lengthy discussion on somebody’s claim that the new policy had been cancelled.

eBay clarifies things

Many sellers on the eBay community boards expressed their doubts on a seller’s claim last Wednesday that eBay has changed its mind on banning listings with watermarked images.

Although it was music to their ears, they seeked for verification. The next day eBay sent out a statement to clarify the matter, and it read as follows:

In September, as part of our Fall Seller Release, we announced that listings with watermarked images would be removed from eBay search results beginning on March 1, 2018.

We know that buyers want to see products clearly before they make a purchase, and watermarks create a cluttered experience not consistent with the retail standard. Watermarked images are also a primary reason Google rejects eBay-funded Google Shopping placements, meaning less visibility for your listings and decreased conversion.

As a result, we encourage you to remove watermarks from listings in order to enhance your reach and velocity on eBay.

However, we have received significant feedback about our upcoming enforcement and for this and other business reasons have decided that we will not enforce the removal of watermarks in March 2018 as originally planned. We know this is a crucial time of year, and we want you to be able to focus completely on selling.

Thank you to those who have already removed watermarks. We know in many cases this has been a significant effort. Because of those efforts, your listings will more likely be included in Google Shopping search, your products will be featured in our product-based shopping experience, and will be considered for our deals and seasonal promotions. And, eBay will even more delight buyers with a world-class retail experience.

We appreciate your efforts and always value your feedback.

Judging from their choice of words, eBay is apparently still bent on removing listings with watermarked images, but on a different date.

In the meantime, focus your energies on your selling strategy for the upcoming holidays, while subtly working up new images for your listings… just in case.

What’s your take on eBay’s watermarks policy? Let us know in the comments section below.

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