eBay UK to Cancel Lithium Battery Listings  

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In this age of mobile devices, you sure can find a lucrative opportunity in selling lithium batteries.

However, if you are going to sell them on eBay and only have Royal Mail as your shipping option, you might want to consider another product or risk your listings be taken down.   

eBay UK announced recently that lithium batteries have been reclassified as restricted goods by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), so Royal Mail cannot deliver them.

Batteries found in power banks, mobile phones and laptops all fall under the restricted goods category.

The ICAO said it will continue to prohibit the shipment of lithium batteries as cargo until it has worked out a new lithium battery packaging performance standard.


What’s your only recourse?

If you’re already in the business of selling lithium batteries, edit your listings on eBay UK by replacing Royal Mail with another carrier service.

It’s either that or eBay cancels your listings.

Although lithium-ion and metal batteries that are contained in electronic devices may still be shipped via Royal Mail, they must first pass the rules of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in relation to packaging, volume and quantity.

Royal Mail said “sealed lead acid batteries are allowed in the UK, but are also subject to packaging, volume, quantity and labelling restrictions.”

Click here for the complete list of items which you cannot send via Royal Mail.

Do you sell lithium batteries on eBay? If so, what steps do you plan to take?  

Let us know your thoughts on this issue down in the comments.

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  1. Gareth Johnson
    Gareth Johnson says:

    You fail to mention that batteries ALREADY INSIDE an electronic device are allowed, your phrasing makes it sound as if mobile phones containing batteries can’t be shipped. I’ve wondered a few times if packaging batteries inside mobile lookalike packages would satisfy the regulation, I can’t see a demand that the item is in working order!

    • Dave Furness
      Dave Furness says:

      Hi Gareth, You are absolutely right and I do apologise if the article appears misleading, I will get it marked for some editing to try to clear and confusion. That is a very interesting idea, and I love the ingenuity ha ha!


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