eBay Spring Updates 2014


For anyone who joined us for the virtual coffee this morning, you heard us hinting that there would be some news you would want to read about on the Last Drop Of Ink later today.

Well now the time has passed we can share the update which is the eBay Spring Updates for 2014.  Matt has been working on this post for the past couple of days and it is the most detailed insight into the Spring updates you are likely to see.

We even recorded a video looking at the brand new eBay shops that are coming too.

Matt has brought back his scoring system to rate the updates in an unbiased manner so we can get an overall feel for what these mean for you as a seller on the eBay platform.

Anyway that is enough of that, head over to http://lastdropofink.co.uk/market-places/ebay/ebay-spring-updates-2014/ To see the comprehensive post regarding all of the updates.

Let us know what you think, do you agree with Matt’s overall score, and what is going to affect you most as a business?

Speak Soon

Dave (&Matt)

P.S  Next Tuesday’s Virtual Coffee Meetup will be focusing on these updates as our discussion topic!

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  1. Henry
    Henry says:

    I’m looking to start some loaded auctions. If i want to list the maximum number of 14 auctions with buy it now can you give some pointers of how this would work in m2e.

    Basically – ive created a new listing – added the SKU to this, set the listing rule to be a 1 day auction with buy it now. Etc.

    But how can i get it to list 14 of these to take advantage of the loaded auctions?

    • Karen Hollyoak
      Karen Hollyoak says:

      Recently I have had to raise a resolution on a few items not received, so I think this a fantastic idea. Also It seems unnesseccary to have to wait long periods for items being dispatched, even though, payment has been made and cleared. It’s for this reason I think a default time frame should be implemented to protect the buyer from such situations.


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