eBay Offers ‘Shop the Celebrity Look’ Service

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When it comes to the capriciousness of online shoppers, eBay has no qualms about caving into their demands.

After tying up with Mashable to launch ‘shoppable images’, which lets the website’s audience explore eBay’s marketplace to browse and purchase the items featured on Mashable without having to leave the site, the eCommerce giant has rolled out a similar service to delight their customers and online sellers like you.

This time they partnered with media conglomerate Time Inc. to launch ‘Shop the Celebrity Look’, a new approach to enticing existing and potential customers to shop on eBay.

The concept behind eBay’s latest offering is pretty simple. It allows the readers of bespoke fashion articles published by the media company’s various magazine titles to find and buy the items that are exactly like—or similar to—those worn by featured celebrities straight off the eBay UK site.

Each article covers a specific fashion trend and includes four celebrity shoppable images—with mouseover shopping tags—that show the readers how to pull off a particular getup.

Once they click on a tag, they will be redirected to the item on eBay where they can purchase it.

Work on your listings

This new strategy from eBay’s Fashion Team is good news for online sellers on their platform as it could drive traffic to their listings and eventually increase their sales.

However, you must understand that eBay UK don’t manually pick items from their marketplace and suggest them to magazine editors. Their A.I. tool determines through data analysis which items on their marketplace match those worn by the celebrities featured in fashion articles.   

How you succeed is all on you; work hard on creating a perfect eBay listing, one which complies with eBay’s recommended item specifics, image quality, title, and description among others.

“Our latest pilot creates a simplified yet appealing shopping experience that brings clothing to life in a new and exciting way. We know that celebrity style shopping leads to high engagement and now, visitors will be able to shop the latest celebrity trends, brands and luxe items for less,”  said Murray Lambell, vice president of UK trading at eBay.

eBay has started exploring an uncharted territory of eCommerce which looks promising and profitable. Are you excited of the financial gain this could bring you and your business?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this from the comments down below.

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