eBay Customers Shop with Product Images

eBay Customers Shop with Product Images

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Describing something with a concrete object, like a picture, is easier for some people than using plenty of words.

That’s the rationale behind the new Image Search tool of eBay, which they launched on their UK site recently.  

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, Image Search allows eBay customers to narrow down their search using their smartphone camera.

Instead of typing an item’s keywords into the search bar, they click on the camera icon on the right-hand side of the bar, snap a picture of the item they want to buy, crop it, and then enter it into the search bar.

eBay will immediately fetch listings that match it.

Like their previous undertakings, this new eBay technology is designed to make searching and selling products on their marketplace a lot easier.   

eBay UK Vice President Rob Hattrell said:

“Moments of shopping inspiration can come at any time, whether you’re walking down the street or browsing your social media feed

“Ebay Image Search makes it possible for people to shop and sell on Ebay by using any image or photo that inspires them.”

How sellers can reap the best results

Whether you’re selling on Amazon or eBay or both, the quality of image that you add to your listing is just as important as your product title, description, item specifics, and the category which you’re selling in.

The information which eBay displays through Image Search would depend on what you feed it. So if your product image is dull or smaller than the recommended size, then it’s less likely to appear at the top of the search results.

eBay’s basic requirements for product images include:

  • The minimum and maximum dimensions for height and width are 500×500 pixels and 9000×9000 pixels, respectively.
  • An image should be sized between 800 – 1600 pixels on its longest side so that a customer can zoom in.
  • An image should be in any of the following formats: JPEG PNG TIFF BMP GIF

Click here for their additional requirements.

Do your eBay listings boast high-quality images? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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