eBay Best Match 101- Coffee Morning Recording March 25th 2014


Thank you to everyone who made it this morning to the live coffee morning, this morning.

Today we discussed the topic of “eBay Best Match”.

If you couldn’t make it, we’ve edited and included a recording of the coffee morning above.

Thank you soo much for allowing us to cover this topic with you, this was a dry run for the sell-out event I’m (Matt) is presenting tonight over in Wales University.

The audio quality is dire compared to what we’re all used to, it’s what we’re given and we did spend 15 mins trying to make it better than what it was.

If you’d like to join us next week, use the button below:

Any comments or suggestions are very welcomed and thanks for joining us!

Matt & Dave

The Slide Deck

Also as requested we’ve uploaded the side deck and that’s below for you.

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