eBay Becoming the Worlds Greatest Store

According to Devin Wenig, CEO of eBay, exciting times await millions of eBay sellers, yourself included!

At the recently held eBay Open 2016, eBay’s CEO Devin Wenig revealed his plans for the company, the structural changes it had undergone in the past 12 months, and the charted course of eCommerce.

Without directly criticising his predecessor John Donahoe, Devin said all of the changes he led at eBay should have been done 20 years ago.

“It drives me crazy when a seller says they want to leave eBay. We should be a platform everyone can embrace. It drives me crazy when our products don’t work right or when it’s not inspiring,”

That feeling of wanting to be the world’s most reliable marketplace fuelled him to reorganise eBay in hopes of turning it into the world’s greatest store.

Setting up a Fixed Strategy

To be able to obtain long-term success, a company shouldn’t be shifting to a new strategy every day according to Devin.

Despite his appreciation of eBay’s warmth and humanity, he felt that the company needed to be more fearsome, courageous and inventive to stay ahead of the game.

That inspired him to create a structural framework for eBay which consists of an inventory of top-notch products, a shopping experience that is like no other, and the ability to give every customer their version of perfect in this world.

Perfect, he explained, doesn’t always equate to a brand new product; it could be a second-hand item which a customer wants (or needs) at the moment.

For as long as it gives satisfaction to a customer, any product – new or old – could be tagged as perfect.

Though it does entail a lot of hard work, this strategy, says Devin, is going to create a powerful selling platform for eBay sellers.

Putting eCommerce at Everyone’s Fingertips

Halfway through his speech, Devin hinted that other Internet businesses have resorted to moving away from and selling off their core business, but not eBay.

The company chose to focus on understanding their products, and in the process provide customers with an excellent shopping experience and sellers with an uncomplicated and inexpensive selling platform.

Twelve months after taking the CEO seat at eBay, Devin has managed to build the company’s fundamental structure.

He and his team revamped the product pages, giving sellers room to share stories about their products.

Aside from that, the site has 12 million product reviews to boast, but the visionary CEO said the building aspect is far from over.

New categories that are uniquely eBay, artificial intelligence and virtual reality are among the many other things in the pipeline, as Devin believes that these are going to be part of the future of eCommerce.

“Everything is going to be connected. eBay should be everywhere. eBay should be in those connected places so that eCommerce is at everyone’s fingertips,”

Every entrepreneur wants to be number one in every customer’s heart, and Devin Wenig is definitely no exception.

How do you feel about eBay’s new structure and innovations?

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