eBay Announces 2018 Spring Updates for US Sellers

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eBay’s 2018 Spring Seller Updates revealed the massive changes being made to the eBay catalog and store categories on the eCommerce giant’s US site.

Throughout this year and into the next, the eBay catalog is going to be expanded in phases and strictly imposed on sellers in order to provide buyers with a streamlined, product-based shopping experience.

If you are selling any of the product lines in Phase I, here’s what eBay suggest you take note of:

  • Today, products are already available in the catalog for you to use when you create new listings or edit existing listings for items in the product lines below. Seller Hub users can suggest changes to catalog product information in the listing process by clicking the flag icon next to the product in question.
  • Starting mid-March, check Seller Hub and My eBay to see recommendations for any existing listings that you will need to update to comply with the new requirement.
  • By the end of April, associate your existing listings to the eBay catalog so that your inventory will continue to be visible to buyers.
  • Starting in May, when you attempt to modify existing listings, relist existing listings (including Good ‘til Cancelled), or create a new listing for an item in any condition within the Phase 1 product lines, and you do not associate it with a product from the eBay catalog, you will be unable to complete the listing. For both new and existing listings in product lines with multi-variations (multi-SKU), you will be required to provide a GTIN (UPC, EAN, or ISBN) for each variation. The new shopping experience will only display listings that are associated with a product in the eBay catalog.

The table below shows the list of product lines in Phase I which require adoption of the eBay catalog before April 2018:

Brand Product Line
Amazon Echo, Fire Stick
Apple iPads, iPhones, TV
Dyson AM Cooling Fan, AM Fan Heater, AM Humidifier, Pure
Google Chromecast, Home
Jawbone Jambox
NEST Thermostat
Roku Premier/Express/1/2/3/4

New Store Subscriptions

eBay also underscored the addition of two store tiers in their seller release, namely Starter and Enterprise.

Starting 1st May 2018, they will be made available to sellers as additional options. The Store subscription is designed for sellers who list more than 50 items per month, while Enterprise is for high-volume sellers.

Tables 1 and 2 show the pricing of the Starter and Enterprise subscriptions.

Table 1

Starter Store Subscription Pricing
Yearly subscription $4.95/month
Monthly subscription $7.95/month
Monthly zero insertion fee listings 100 fixed price or auction-style listings

Table 2

Enterprise Store Subscription Pricing
Yearly subscription $2,999.95/month
Monthly zero insertion fee listings 100,000 fixed price listings
Monthly zero insertion fee listings in Collectibles and Fashion 2,500 auction-style listings

Higher insertion fees for specific sellers

Unlike their UK counterparts, eBay sellers in the US aren’t facing a drastic increase in subscription and insertion fees.

Only non-Store sellers and subscribers to the Basic and Starter stores are going to deal with some adjustments once they have exceeded the allowable zero insertion fee listings.

Starting 1st May 2018, they will be imposed the following fees:

  • Non-Store. When you exceed your 50 zero insertion fee listing allocation, the insertion fee will change from $0.30 to $0.35
  • Starter Store. When you exceed your 100 zero insertion fee listing allocation, the insertion fee per listing will be $0.30
  • Basic Store. When you exceed your 250 zero insertion fee listing allocation in fixed price listings, the insertion fee for each fixed price listing will change from $0.20 to $0.25

Improved sales with eBay Guaranteed Delivery

More sellers can now take advantage of eBay Guaranteed Delivery to increase their sales, and more buyers can receive their packages in three days or less, as the average number of transactions required for a seller to be eligible for this program has been reduced to 100.

In order to qualify, you must maintain a late shipment rate of 3% or lower; check the on-time shipping metric in your Seller Dashboard. If you’re eligible, you will be notified through email.

eBay will cover any late deliveries to buyers, in case they raise a case, until June 30. This means they will provide the buyer the choice of “make it right” options per the program terms and conditions. After the said date, eBay will continue to cover late deliveries as long as you meet your handling time commitment.  

Another wonderful change that’s coming is eBay’s new policy on shipping labels. Starting this summer, sellers won’t be required to use eBay shipping labels to participate in the eBay Guaranteed Delivery.

By removing that requirement, eBay has given sellers the freedom to choose and work with their preferred shipping labels.

This article delves deep into the major changes and improvements that eBay has been working on.

So, what are your thoughts on these updates? We hope to hear from you in the comments down below.

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