Easy Pricing Baffles eBay Sellers

Easy Pricing Baffles eBay Sellers

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eBay sellers aren’t thrilled with Easy Pricing, a new feature on the marketplace which automatically lowers the Buy It Now price of an item if it doesn’t sell in five days.

If you’re not having any trouble disposing your products in 10 days or less, then this probably wouldn’t matter to you.

For most sellers, though, making a sale on certain products in their inventory takes longer and eBay fiddling with the prices they’ve set on their listings is definitely not going to help their business.

Although Easy Pricing is still in the trial stage, majority of sellers on eBay have unanimously expressed concern about the detrimental effect it may have on their revenues.  

A seller who relisted items on eBay got this message from the eCommerce giant:

“Make sure your item gets sold Starting 10 days after listing, we’ll lower the price (5% every 5 days) until your item sells or gets to $5.39. We’ll notify buyers who showed interest each time the price drops. Turn it off anytime by going to your listing.”

Anyone who receives the same message can choose either “Turn on Easy Pricing” or “Maybe next time”.

Because of eBay’s new feature, sellers fear that customers will put off buying their products until prices drop.

Whilst a lot of them have already decided to opt out of the Easy Pricing scheme, others are considering setting a higher price on their products. That way, they won’t lose out even if eBay lowers it every five days.

Are you opting in or out of the new eBay feature? Let us know in the comments below.

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