Drive Your Brand Forward with Promotional Products

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Do you like giving free stuff to your customers?

Now now, that’s not a jaw-dropping question, but a sensible one that you should be considering.

After all, sourcing and listing new products in your online store and various marketplaces isn’t enough to drive your sales up.

Think up a sales strategy reinforced by promotional items, especially if what you’re selling is no different to the plethora of products sold online.  

Promotional products are items that carry your company’s brand name or logo and given away to customers.

Used primarily to introduce a company’s products and services, promotional items eventually lead to customer awareness, loyalty, and retention.


Choose your giveaways wisely

Mugs, pens, and notepads are among the most common items that companies would give away but don’t follow suit.

Think of your niche market and the kind of products that they would most likely use on a daily basis, so you don’t end up wasting money and time.

Suppose your clientele consists of business professionals, would you give them plastic food tubs or planners?

Use your discretion in choosing which items to give your existing and potential customers, and you can never go wrong.

While some business owners think that promotional merchandise offers nothing more than additional expenditures, it’s actually quite the opposite.

Inexpensive and seemingly trivial giveaways never fail to make customers feel valued and grateful, prompting them to buy more stuff from you.   

Make the most of the promotional products

In order to turn potential customers into loyal ones, you have to work on fixing your brand in their memories first.

Here’s how to achieve that with promotional items:

  • Offer something which is not only useful to them but would also constantly remind them of your company.
  • Aside from your company logo, add your customer’s name to an item. Remember how people went gaga over Coke bottles which featured people’s names, hoping to see theirs too?
  • Even if they’re given away for free, your merchandise should be of top-quality; otherwise, its recipients will think you’re just out to rip them off.   
  • If yours is a new eCommerce store or website, offer a digital gift like a sticker, gift voucher or a coupon to encourage people to sign up and learn more about your product.

The cost of investing in promotional items is nothing compared to the sales that you will generate afterwards.

According to a new study from experts in the promotional products industry, 85% of customers went on to do business with the company from which they received cool giveaways.

That’s an interesting food for thought now, don’t you think?


As always, to your continued success,

Dave & Matt


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