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Preparing your eCommerce business for the holidays does not require massive, drastic changes; we’d save this for the off-season if we were you.

However, you can use some creativity and fine-tuning to ensure your customers get a shopping experience that isn’t only fun but memorable.

There are only three months left until Christmas, so there’s no better way to prepare for the largest sales period of the year than through the most feasible method.

Avoid Major Changes

Any extensive changes to your business, whether it’s switching to a new software or redesigning your website, should be put off until the lean months of the new year.

Running a new software can affect the loading time of your website; orders may take longer to be processed as a result.

Another way to slow down your site is by redesigning it.

If you want to restructure your menu bar or product pages, wait until the busy season is over.

However, you can promote new items with some cute banners if you want to.  

Adjust what is Adjustable

‘Tis the season of gift-giving so make sure that you add the popular stuff, apart from the usual items in your product line, to your inventory.

Have your product researcher look up what’s selling crazy fast these days then stock them in your inventory at the earliest possible time.

Also, enhance your marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your site.

Now’s the time to be obsessed with your web analytics tool so that you can take advantage of the Christmas shopping spree and increase your sales.

Click on What’s Your Web Analytics Tool? and find out how to draw in more customers to your site.

Keep Calm and Just Sell

Since the end goal of all these preparations is to increase your sales and profit margin, you might as well make it evident on your site.

Have a go at free shipping and gift wrapping; many shoppers find both of these irresistible.

Just make sure that you arrange for a backup courier early on to prevent shipping delays especially if expecting troublesome weather.

Also, bringing out exclusive or limited edition products can help increase your sales faster than you think.

The thought of being among the few that own something which is not mass produced compels many buyers to open their wallets fast.

Set up a countdown on your website and watch those products sell quickly.

There really is no need for you to put together a grand plan to ensure the success of your business this holiday season.

All you have to do is focus on what’s practical and doable, then work on the big stuff later.

What have you got in your planning checklist so far? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

To your continued success,

Dave & Matt

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