Customer Loyalty, a Thing of the Past?

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Loyalty may exist in personal relationships, but it has no concrete proof of existence in eCommerce.

You can’t be too certain that a customer who frequently buys from your online store will never leave you for another retailer.  

People are constantly looking for better products and services; these two always go hand in hand.

Even if your store carries a reputable brand, it’s bound to be ignored by potential customers if you can’t provide speedy delivery service.

In a survey which eCommerce consultancy firm Salmon conducted among 6,000 consumers, it was found that 88% believe speed of delivery is more important than the name of a product.

Simply put, online shoppers don’t mind making a purchase at a store which they’ve never bought from before if it can guarantee convenience.

What is convenient to them?

Voice assistants have become increasingly important to online shoppers, with 45% of them currently using or planning to use Amazon Echo, Alexa or Google Home to shop.

Salmon’s data also revealed that 57% of the respondents are open to Programmatic Commerce, which is the process of setting one’s device to automatically purchase goods on their behalf based on their purchasing history and preset preferences.

That’s how they want their shopping done—fast!

Having access to multiple devices has moulded the modern shopper’s purchasing behaviour which is obviously digitally inclined.    

Though we don’t discount the fact that there are still people who are brand-conscious, 60% of Salmon’s survey respondents say they prefer to shop at a retailer who is digitally innovative than at one who’s not.

“What this means, however, is that retailers need to offer consumers a host of convenient services and harness innovative technologies in the process if they are going to attract and retain customers’ attention. As consumers are becoming more open to trying new technologies – or expect to in the coming months –retailers need to put in the ground work from now if they are to meet high expectations,” said Hugh Fletcher, global head of consultancy and innovation at Salmon.

Have you started incorporating new technologies into your online store’s delivery system to meet your customers’ expectations? Tell us about it.

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