How Cross Border Trade has Helped Nigel Matthews as a UK Business Expand

How Cross Border Trade has Helped Nigel Matthews as a UK Business Expand

In this podcast we speak to Nigel, who started selling  on eBay around 10 Years ago!  Seeing an opportunity to make money by buying stock he had a knowledge about at numerous car boot sales, the Entrepreneur bug took hold and he used eBay to take it to the next level. 

We hear from Nigel how he, his wife and a business partner took a small business to one that today turns over approximately £1.5 million a year.   Hear how Nigel didn’t see problems but instead opportunities and successfully took his business to incorporate Cross Border Trade (CBT). Massively expanding his audience, hear directly from Nigel about the ins and outs involved with this business move.

Also stay tuned to the end of the Podcast to hear Nigel’s very unique advice for anyone starting their own business selling online!

Press Play below and listen in to Nigel’s story:


  • A book seller who moved into toys & games
  • Started from buying stock from car boot sales
  • Noticed this wasn’t scalabe or recurring so aquired a new item supplier
  • Saw huge growth and opened up multiple channels and adopted ecommerce software
  • A true multi-channel business
  • Sells on eBay
  • Sells on Amazon
  • Have their own Magento website
  • A large part of the business involves CBT
  • A totally unique and unexpected selling tip at the end

Don’t Ignore Opportunities

One of the key themes that kept coming up in our chat with Nigel, was how you should always leave yourself open to opportunities as these can sometimes be true blessings in disguise.

Nigel saw the opportunity of selling overseas and he grabbed it and ran with it.  Spent time learning the marketplaces and what he needed to get done to meet the requirements and now it contributes a large portion to his business.

He also mentions how he nearly always answers the phone to sales calls.  He states “You can very quickly determine if it is a sales call which has no interest to your business, and end it”  However a phone call he did pick up ended up saving him 12.5% on his overseas courier bill.

Sites/Links Mentioned in the Podcast

  • Nigel’s Website “GamesQuest”
  • Games Quest on Facebook
  • Nigel being interviewed on YouTube at iLive (starts at 1 min 31)
  • Tim Gray on LinkedIn
  • dZineHub <= The guys who did Nigel’s Magento website cross over.
  • SimpleServers <=These are the hosting providers we’re suggesting. With Magento you’ll need specialised hosting and you’ll find out why we’re suggesting these chaps very soon! (Hint: has something to do with word “Free”)
  • Feed Optimise – <= These guys offer a utility to manage social & product feeds, shopping feeds optimization and real-time tracking.

Your Feedback?

Nigel is the perfect example of a true entrepreneur who saw an opportunity to make money and he ran with it taking it to the million pound operation it is today.

After listening to Nigel’s story, do you have any questions or feedback? If so, us the button below to join us right now & the forums are always open.

We’ll see you there!

Matt & Dave

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  1. Alex Goodacre
    Alex Goodacre says:

    Loved the pearls of wisdom through here. Our xe trading account saves us thousands of pounds a year on currency conversion on our foreign purchases


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