Creating a Description in Magento for Listing to eBay using M2E Pro


This video came about thanks to a question asked by Dale in the Forums.  Dale wanted to know if he could use an existing eBay template and port it over to Magento / M2E Pro.

The answer is yes, and the best way to do this is to get clever by creating a template which uses Keywords.

So in the video above Matt takes you through:

  • Adding a new product
  • Adding Keywords
  • Creating your eBay listing template
  • How to preview your template to see what it looks like.
  • *Bonus* Even a little HTML mini Tutorial

*Important Note* – This video is a very short video that Matt put together to address the points raised by a question in the forums.  Matt skips some steps and doesn’t go into a deep level of detail.  In the Guides that go Live on January 1st they will be much more in depth with a higher level of detail and much more step by step, and we will hold your hand every step of the way.


The eBay template that Matt has created took him less than 5 minutes and looks nicely laid out and clean and is great for new businesses getting started.  If you want the code that Matt used in the video he has attached it in the forum post which you can find here: and are able to download and tweak how you see fit.

The template would be a great start for a new business…but we are going one better with UnderstandingE.  We will have two professionally designed templates available which are 100% compatible with eBay and M2E Pro.  More on this at a later date ;)

Now Magento and M2E Pro can also handle much more advanced eBay templates and in the guides we will be mentioning one of the best design agencies around that make fantastic eBay listing designs.

As always, if you have any questions then please head over to the forums and both myself and Matt will be on hand to answer whatever we can.

You can join in on the forums too! (Its Free!)


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