The MailChimp Crash Course

In this course we share with you everything you need to know to get started and setup with MailChimp.

This crash course serves the purpose of introducing you to MailChimp for the first time and preparing you for the email section of the marketing course where we cover email marketing for your business.

If you are getting started with email marketing then we think MailChimp is the obvious choice for your business.  With an incredibly generous free package it allows you to get started with a very low barrier to entry.

We cover with you why you would want to use MailChimp for your email marketing platform, and how to get it integrated with leading website platforms, including WordPress, Magento & Shopify

We then give you a tour of WordPress showing you where everything is and what you need to know in order to get started, and finish on a couple of plugins we recommend for you to use.

This will set you up perfectly for the Blog section of the marketing course.


1. An Introduction to MailChimp

Length: 12 minutesComplexity: Easy

In this course, you’re going to learn everything that you need to know about MailChimp, the best starting platform for you. We’ll show you how you can get 2,000 email subscribers to engage actively with your email campaign strategies.

2. A Crash Course on MailChimp

In this crash course, we will help you get your hands-on with MailChimp for the first time. This course is perfect for you if you’re new to email marketing and create your first email campaign effortlessly using MailChimp.

3. Importing Subscribers

Length: 11 minutesComplexity: Easy

In this tutorial, Matt and Dave will show you how to manually and automatically add subscribers to your MailChimp list

6. MailChimp Crash Course Summary

Length: 5 minutesComplexity: Easy

Great job on finishing your MailChimp course. You are now ready to launch your email marketing campaign. Check this video and learn what we have prepared for you!