Installing & Configuring M2E Pro for Amazon

Installing & Configuring M2E Pro for Amazon Course

In this free course you’ll learn how to add the missing attributes you’ll need to get M2EPro for Amazon up & running, get your first product onto Amazon and how to set M2EPro to collect orders.

This course is ideal for you if you have never used M2EPro before or have used M2EPro before for eBay previously.

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What You Will Learn in this Course

In this course you’ll learn the following:

  • How to install M2EPro
  • The theory behind setting up M2EPro. And the practical steps as well
  • The extra attributes & settings you’ll need in Magento for Amazon & M2E Pro
  • How to connect an existing product on Amazon to M2EPro
  • Where the additional settings are in M2EPro
  • And finally where to get help

The Advanced Course

We’re already working on the “Advanced” M2EPro & Amazon course!

In the Premium course that follows this one you’ll learn everything you need to know to leverage the M2EPro for Amazon Magento extension, such as how to handle your existing products on Amazon so they’re in Magento as well, how to create new simple and variation products on Amazon, how to handle repricers, FBA and oodles more.

However get started with this course first, you’ll learn everything you need to be able to progress.

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2. How to Install M2E Pro for Amazon

Length: 10 minutes

How to Install M2E Pro for Amazon

In this tutorial, you'll learn where to get the M2E Pro extension key and how to install it in your system. With M2E Pro, you can integrate your system into Amazon; this makes listing products and managing orders on the Amazon marketplace much easier.

3. Preparing Magento for M2E Pro & Amazon

Length: 16 minutesComplexity: Easy

Preparing Magento for M2E Pro & Amazon

In this tutorial we will show you the extra attributes that you need and how to add them to your Magento system. These extra attributes will allow you to sell on Amazon and manage orders from this marketplace right from your Magento system.

4. Configuring M2E Pro for Amazon Theory

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Easy

Configuring M2E Pro for Amazon Theory

In this tutorial, you will learn not only the terminology that comes with the M2E Pro setup wizard, but also how it is used in configuring M2E Pro for Amazon. You will learn everything there is to learn about policies, MWS Auth Token, Listings vs. Listing Groups and the different sections of the M2E Pro Setup Wizard.

5. Preparing One Product for Amazon & M2EPro

Length: 9 minutesComplexity: Easy

Preparing One Product for Amazon

Before you can proceed with setting up M2E Pro for Amazon, you need to prepare one existing product on Amazon that has an ASIN in your Magento system. This tutorial shows you how to prepare one product on Amazon for the M2E Pro setup wizard.

6. Disabling the Magento Order Emails for Amazon Orders

Length: 7 minutesComplexity: Easy

Disabling the Magento Order Emails for Amazon Orders

Sending order received, despatched emails to Amazon customers isn't allowed by Amazon. In this tutorial you'll learn how to disable the standard Magento emails in Magento for the Amazon store view so that Magento doesn't send any of these when M2EPro collects your orders from Amazon in Magento.

7. Configuring M2E Pro for Amazon Practical

Length: 19 minutesComplexity: Easy

Configuring M2EPro for Amazon Practical

This is the most exciting part of the M2E Pro Amazon Integration course – the practical way of setting up M2E Pro for Amazon. We will show you how to set up M2E Pro for Amazon using the Configuration Setup Wizard. Upon completing this tutorial, you will be able to create your first listing group wherein you can add products to sell on Amazon.

9. M2E Pro Configuration Settings

Length: 12 minutesComplexity: Easy

M2E Pro Configuration Settings

Knowing the configuration settings for Amazon and M2E Pro by heart shall enable you to manage your listing groups and orders on Amazon with the least effort. This tutorial shows you how to navigate through the Amazon menu in your Magento system; you'll be adept at editing listing groups, policies, as well as managing orders from Amazon in no time.

10. Where to Get Help with M2E Pro

Length: 7 minutesComplexity: Easy

Where to get Help with M2E Pro

Selling on Amazon for the first time isn’t as daunting as it seems to be. This tutorial shows you where to ask for help, or support, on anything that is related to M2E Pro and Amazon.

11. Congratulations

Length: 9 minutesComplexity: Easy


Congratulations for completing the M2E Pro and Amazon Integration Course. In this course, which consists of ten tutorials, you went through the basic steps of setting up M2E Pro in your Magento system so that you can sell on Amazon.