How to Manage Content Pages in Magento

Content Pages in Magento | New Video Tutorials Now Live

Howdy ,

Myself & Dave are happy to announce that the the next part of the Designing a Responsive Magento website for $99 course is now ready for you.

In this new part of the course you’ll learn how to create, edit and manage content pages on your Magento website.

Copy & Paste Easy

We know that HTML might not be your strong point, so just like the other video tutorials, everything is copy & paste easy. Just add in your own content.

Included in this part of the course is:

  • An introduction to the key pages you need on your Magento website
  • Suggestions on pages you may wish to add
  • 8 copy & paste template files for you to use
  • 2 of these include responsive Google maps ( a square & a super wide format )
  • We’ll also show you how to create a customised Contact Us page ( because the standard Magento one isn’t editable easily )
  • And a copy & paste template for the Magento 404 page

We’ve done all the hard work for you.

If you can manage copy & paste you can build a fantastic looking, responsive Magento website.

Custom Responsive Magento Content Page Examples

Below are 3 examples of the template files that we’ve included for you as part of this course, click the images for larger previews.

And if you’re wondering how we got the Google maps to work, we’ll show you how to do this as part of this course ( and yes you guessed it, it’s copy & paste easy ).

Responsive Google Maps Square Responsive Google Maps Ultra Wide An “All In One” Page
Magento Responsive Content Page Example 2 Magento Responsive Content Page Example 3 Magento Responsive Content Page Example 1

Managing Content Pages in MagentoFree Access for 24 Hours

Just like what we have done with the earlier sections of this course, you have free access to these new video tutorials for the next 24 hours, regardless if you’re a premium member or not.

So that’s video tutorials 65 & onwards in the Designing a Responsive Magento website for $99 free until tomorrow morning ( 10:00 BST Saturday 16th August 2014).

If you have any questions as you follow the video tutorials, feel free to abuse the “Ask a Question” form at the bottom of each of the video tutorials and we’ll be back to you asap.

Remember, there is no such thing as a daft question if you don’t know the answer. We’re here to help!

What’s Next?

You may be wondering what’s next in this course :)

The plan that you have been working to is to do the highest amount of impact & pages first. So we started with the product detail pages, then category pages and the mega menu bar.

The release of todays video tutorials covers the content pages. The next part of this course will be on the Magento shopping cart and checkout pages.

And as an early heads-up I’ve already completed the copy & paste CSS you’ll need to create a slick, optimised checkout on your Magento website.

Thank you!

As always thank you. Thank you for your support and this is our way of saying “thank you” back to you :)

Now grab yourself a fork and dive in, there’s new video tutorials awaiting you here:

Matt & Dave

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