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A good friend of UnderstandingE brought this cause to our attention last week and we couldn’t help but want to share it with you guys, as I’m sure there are a few of you reading this that have had their businesses restricted due to certain brands protectionism with regards selling their products online, especially on the main two marketplaces eBay and Amazon.  Some brands and manufacturers are attempting to unfairly limit the sale and resale of their products online.  These brand owners are beginning to block online marketplaces and other websites from selling everyday goods, like sporting goods, clothing and electronics as prime culprits.

Choice in eCommerce is an eCommerce sellers’ initiative founded by Oliver Prothmann in April 2013. Oliver, the founder of the Business-Dashboard tool chartixx, has been close to the business seller community for several years and has profound experience with doing business via online marketplaces.

eCommerce has become an essential part of  trade as a whole. It drives growth in European and global economies. It promotes the interests of consumers thanks to an unparalleled selection of products and services with transparent information, offers and prices. It inspires technical innovation, such as mobile commerce.  However these positive elements of eCommerce have to be preserved, and strengthened, for the benefit of sellers, manufacturers and consumers alike, but today they are under threat.

The main threats are:

  • A growing number of brand owners and manufacturers are restricting Internet trade, for example using contract terms to stop sellers from selling goods on Internet marketplaces.
  •  Increasingly, sales via online marketplaces and other websites are being prevented of everyday items, like kids’ toys and electronics, even lawnmowers and pushchairs, even if they are genuine, second-hand or new.
  • The justification from those imposing the bans is that they want the best possible Internet presentation for any of their goods sold on the Internet, which means limiting where their goods can be sold. But blanket bans, not just of initial sales but all sales, are a step too far and there is no justification for onerous sales conditions or demands that internet retailers must have an offline retail store before they can sell online. Above all, private individuals should be allowed to resell items they have paid for legitimately.

What We Can Do

“Choice in eCommerce” is about ensuring that all sellers, particularly SMEs, can benefit from a political and legal situation where sales bans on online platforms are not tolerated.

So what will the Choice in eCommerce initiative do?

  • With this initiative, we will raise awareness of the problem with manufacturers, brand owners, online market places, European policy-makers and anyone else who has a voice.
  • We will work together with all parties in the best interest to ensure free and fair online trade, for the benefit of consumers, retailers and brand owners by enabling innovation, choice and competition.
  • Our initiative will promote the comprehensive, integrated and fair European retail landscape that our continent needs to remain competitive and innovative in this ongoing digital revolution.

Sign The Petition

It’s dead easy, so easy in fact even me and Matt have both managed to do it.  All you have to do is sign the petition which can be found on their website here: Sign Petition Here

If you want to find out more about the initiative then please take the time to have a read of their website which is here:

Thanks in Advance

Matt & Dave

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