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Howdy !

Chances are if you are reading this right now you are a member on UnderstandingE and are either an Entrepreneur yourself or you work for an eCommerce company.

Either way my YouTube channel called Manc Entrepreneur will have something for you.

You can join me every weekday as I talk about the different aspects of eCommerce and entrepreneurship, and why these matter to the success of your business.

We all know that running a business, whether online or offline, entails continuous hard work, determination and motivation.

While hard work is something we all accept as par for the course, determination and motivation will get us faster to our goals, and sometimes we all need that little reminder to keep us on track and at top speed.

In that case, let my Manc Entrepreneur YouTube channel inspire you to persevere until you find your path to success.

Interviews and Personal Stories

If you have known me for a while, you will know that I am the down to earth straight talking Mancunian from UnderstandingE.

You won’t find any buzzwords or marketing spiel, instead just conversational and a direct approach to all things eCommerce and Entrepreneurial

I’ll be holding interviews with fellow entrepreneurs, delving into their daily routines and habits that make them better at what they do, and get them to share their expertise to help others grow too.

You’ll be surprised that many of them built their business from the ground up, and how sheer determination made them realise that success isn’t elusive to those who never give up.  

One of my favourite videos has to be where I share with you the story of how I managed to help a young determined entrepreneur meet Gary Vaynerchuk.  You can see it here:

Of course, you’re going to hear my personal story too; and Matt will join me in a number of my videos to talk about how we started our online business and what kept us going, as well as new and upcoming developments too.

eCommerce , Marketing & Strategies

Speaking from my own journey as an entrepreneur, I can tell you that using the right tools in your online store can make a world of difference to customer experience.

Make your customers happy by providing them with an excellent online shopping experience, and you gain their loyalty.

Some of my videos on Manc Entrepreneur will showcase the best apps and tools to help you with running an online business.

On some weeks, I’ll be talking about the importance of social media, especially in reaching a wider audience, along with other forms of marketing too.

Manc Entrepreneur touches on practically any topic that is relevant to eCommerce and Entrepreneurship.

That’s all for now, but head over to the Manc Entrepreneur YouTube channel using the link below and subscribe to be kept up to date when I post a new video every weekday.

Here’s to your continued success,

Dave (The Manc Entrepreneur)

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