Building Seller Protections is eBay’s Goal for 2019

Building Seller Protections is eBay’s Goal for 2019

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Aware of how their policies in 2018 had favoured buyers but left most sellers struggling, eBay said that they’re aiming to improve seller protections in 2019.

In their first podcast for 2019 which was aired on New Year’s Day, the eCommerce company covered not only what they have achieved in the previous year—AI and AR advancements, guaranteed shipping via Fast ‘N Free, Managed Payments, etc.—but also their marketplace flaws which they aim to focus on and resolve.

Aside from continuing the programs that they have started in 2018, eBay said that they plan to strengthen seller protections this year and prevent any technology issues that occurred on their selling platform from happening again.

Bob Kupbens, vice president of Seller and Marketplace Operations at eBay, admitted to the rampancy of fraudulent returns and other similar issues that affected many businesses. He said:

“One thing that I can’t leave out of a 2018 retrospective is some of the technology issues that we had on the platform. They’re just not acceptable. They’re unacceptable that we have a platform that doesn’t support our sellers growing their business, you know, everyday 24-7. We’re working very closely with the technology teams.”

Changes powered by sellers’ feedback

Having had the opportunity to interact with the seller community at the eBay Open 2018, Scott Cutler, senior vice president of Americas, said it’s important to listen to sellers’ feedback in order to know what changes need to be done on the platform.

Because sellers power the marketplace, he explained that it’s crucial to focus on their protection in addition to eradicating technical and security problems. He further stressed:

“I think many of our sellers have felt as though we’ve swung the pendulum too far to only focus on buyers. Seller protections is another area that I anticipate us to make some great moves into 2019 that our sellers will feel and I believe recognize.”

As an eBay seller, what level of protection are you hoping for? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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