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Bristol Business Success Story with International Selling on eBay

In the video below meet Ben Richardson, co-founder of FreeStyleXtreme a Bristol based company that is using eBay to sell internationally.

Hear how Ben only started 6 months ago by testing the water internationally and started to open up their UK listings up to the rest of the world, that went really well and expanded further.

Meet Ben from FreestyleXtreme

Hit play on the video below & meet Ben and hear of his success selling internationally on eBay.

Challenges & Biggest Tip

Ben also discusses several challenges he had along the way:

Product Selection
With product selection, Ben took a blanket approach and let the market dictate what worked and what didn’t.

Language Barrier
The language barrier was also a challenge too, starting with automated translation tools and they now have dedicated team members who speak the primary languages natively.

Starting with local delivery services to get traction and then used this as a leverage to gain better rates with the couriers to get an express tracked service instead.

eBay Germany is bigger than the UK, however their webstore just didn’t convert as they expected it to on their website, so they took the photography from eBay and used this on their website.

Their Biggest Tip
This may sound obvious, but Ben’s biggest tip is to include a returns label on each order, so that when an order is lost, which will happen, it can be returned back to them.

One area that wasn’t mentioned in this interview was the use of software tools to make this all possible, find out more about the 3rd Generation here.

The Entrepreneur’s Corner

You can hear from other Entrepreneur’s just like Ben on our iTunes Podcast here.

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