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Bristol Business Success Story with International Selling on eBay

In the video below meet Ben Richardson from FreeStyleXtreme a Bristol based company that is using eBay to sell internationally. Hear how Ben only started 6 months ago by testing the water internationally and started to open up their UK listings up to the rest of the world, that went really well and expanded further.

Share Your Story in the Entrepreneurs Corner

Have you had to struggle to get your business where it is today?
Do you like being called an Entrepreneur?
If you’ve answered yes to either or both of these, I would love to hear from you and for you to join myself & Dave on the UnderstandingE Podcast we’re calling “The Entrepreneur’s Corner”.

Creating a Description in Magento for Listing to eBay using M2E Pro

Overview This video came about thanks to a question asked by Dale in the Forums.  Dale wanted to know if he could use an existing eBay template and port it over to Magento / M2E Pro. The answer is yes, and the best way to do this is to get clever by creating a template […]

Hear How an Entrepreneur Processes 2000 Orders a Week with No Software Commissions

Hear How an Entrepreneur Processes 2000 Orders a Week with No Software Commissions

Welcome to our very first Podcast and in this episode we interview Gurpreet, who uses the 3rd Generation to sell on eBay, Amazon & his own website and manages up to 2,000 orders a week with zero commissions paid to software providers.

Getting Nerdy & Removing Road Blocks

Hands up, this may not make any sense to you right now, but come January 1st 2014 when you’re seeing Magmi for the first time, I think you’ll want to give us a high-five! Magmi, it’s the best import tool for Magento on the planet in my opinion, it’s free, open source and comes with multiple plugins to make importing products into Magento a lot easier (and lightening quick too), but this comes with a price.

“Keep looking until you find it, Don’t settle”

The title of this post was from by Steve Jobs at his Stamford Commencement Speech back in 2005 and it is something that we have had to live by whilst building UnderstandingE.  This is the 3rd time round for UnderstandingE as both previous times, something didn’t add up and didn’t feel right.  The 3rd time […]

Why Use Google Hangouts for Webinars?

This week I was tasked with finding us a means to host our own Webinars.  This is something me and Matt have been keen to offer a part of UE, we want to be visible to you the users as much as possible, hence our visibility in the forums.  I very quickly stumbled upon a […]