Say hello to Courses & Lessons

Say Hello to Courses & Lessons!

We’ve just completely reworked the guides into a new system so that you can track your progress as you learn how to build your own multichannel software on a shoestring budget

m2epro magento ebay item specifics

One Downside M2E Pro – Need Your Votes :)

M2E Pro is an extension for Magento that helps you sell on to eBay. eBay supports variation and multi variation products, however M2E Pro could make it a lot easier for you to use.

UnderstandingE Reaches 1000 Forum Posts

An Amazing Milestone for UnderstandingE

UnderstandingE has just an amazing milestone and has reached 1,000 forum posts, 11 days from going live with the training guides for Magento and eBay.


I Would like to see a Guide on….

Howdy, From the moment we decided to start the journey of UnderstandingE, one of our concerns has been, are we going to miss something obvious? While Matt has been in marketplace eCommerce for 10 years and Dave over 5 years, neither of us pretend to know everything we’re worried that we’re going to miss something really obvious. Even if you think […]

Importing & Exporting from Magento

Importing & Exporting Products from Magento Guides Ready

In this series of 8 guides, we’ll show you what your options are for exporting products are and the options for importing products into Magento using spreadsheets.

Creating Variations in Magento For eBay

Creating Variations in Magento For eBay – What We Learned

What happens if you don’t want to use spreadsheets to import into Magento to then list your products onto the marketplaces?

eBay Multi-Variations & M2E Pro

New Guides! How to Sell Variation Products on eBay using Magento

We have four new guides waiting for you, where we’ll show you how you can sell on eBay using Magento & M2E Pro using variations and multi-variation products & listings.

Magento & M2E Pro eBay Variations

What’s Coming Up this Week (Hint More Guides!)

Hear what the plans are for this week with UnderstandingE. More training guides will be launched for selling on to eBay using Magento & M2E Pro and also you’ll meet Magmi, the import tool for Magento.