Magento & M2E Pro eBay Variations

What’s Coming Up this Week (Hint More Guides!)

Hear what the plans are for this week with UnderstandingE. More training guides will be launched for selling on to eBay using Magento & M2E Pro and also you’ll meet Magmi, the import tool for Magento.

New Years Gift

Howdy, We both hope you are enjoying the guides that have been published so far. Your comments and feedback so far have been incredible.  We have had a few bugs which without your help would have been missed and generally you are helping us make UnderstandingE better. Freebies! So we have a bonus gift for […]

Say Hello to UnderstandingE

Say Hello to UnderstandingE!

The past few months have been crazy & today we’re launching the first two sections of UnderstandingE. Hit play the video below and we’ll bring you up to speed on how you can get started with the 3rd Generation right now.

3 Days to Go

Instead of giving yourself resolution that you blatantly know you’re going to forget faster than a hangover, why not take a completely different approach?

This year how about making a new years resolution that is so simple that you cannot fail with it and carry it out on new years day and right up to December 2014.

Hear Our Wins, Failures & the Funny Parts – 4 Days to Go!

Hear Our Wins, Failures & the Funny Parts – 4 Days to Go!

We’re going to share with you some of the funny things that have happened over the past few months in creating UnderstandingE, a insight of what’s being going on behind the scenes and it’s a chance for us to reflect.

This is us letting our hair-down because the past few weeks, months have been crazy, but thoroughly enjoyable. Our own mini ‘start-up’ adventure.

The Countdown to Launch – 5 Days to Go!

As the get closer to the launch, we’re going to share with you the progress as we get closer to the launch of the first phase of training guides with a daily update to the progress behind the scenes.

This is so you can see first hand some of the things we’re up to and you’ll soon see that we’ve still got loads to do to have the training guides ready for you on January 1st.

Jane Norman uses M2EPro

Jane Norman uses Magento & M2E Pro for Success on eBay

Did you know that hight-street brand Jane Norman uses Magento & M2E Pro to sell on eBay?
Under the eBay ID JaneNormanClearance which only launched on eBay in May 2013, over the past 90 days has sold over 21,000 items on eBay UK.

Jono goes from BBC TV News Journo, to Socking it to ‘em on eBay

Jono goes from BBC TV News Journo, to Socking it to ’em on eBay

After he saw talented people be made redundant at the BBC he needed a Plan B, and began a small business online using eBay. His Plan B has now become his Plan A.