The Experts’ Top 10 Ways to Retain Customers

Howdy ! With start-ups springing up by the minute and online giants constantly working on new gimmicks, it’s important that you don’t get left behind in eCommerce. What better way to stay in the lead than to keep your customers loyal to your business? How to achieve that isn’t as difficult as it sounds, so […]

The Bad Effects of Discounts on Retailers’ Profits

Howdy ! Heavy discounts used to be offered by retailers in the first and last quarters of the year, or from Black Friday until early January. New research revealed, however, that the desire to stay ahead of the competition, coupled with the need to meet consumers’ expectation of regular sales, drove many businesses to change […]

eCommerce Sales via Smartphones Grow by 19%

Howdy ! We know how mobile phones are increasingly turning into the main shopping tool of online shoppers, but news of eCommerce sales growing by means of these devices still never fails to amaze us. It clearly validates the value of a responsive website design that’s easy to view and navigate, especially on devices with […]

Sell through Your Instagram Posts

Howdy ! Good news for all you Instagrammers! The recent launch of Instagram Shopping in the UK makes it possible for you to sell products through your posts. When we first mentioned that Instagram will dip their toes in eCommerce, we did share the idea which they were working on: users who sell online can […]

eBay Offers ‘Shop the Celebrity Look’ Service

Howdy ! When it comes to the capriciousness of online shoppers, eBay has no qualms about caving into their demands. After tying up with Mashable to launch ‘shoppable images’, which lets the website’s audience explore eBay’s marketplace to browse and purchase the items featured on Mashable without having to leave the site, the eCommerce giant […]

FedEx Buys P2P to Widen Global Reach

Howdy ! There are a lot of things going on around FedEx these days. Not long after they rolled out the Returns Technology for online retailers faced with high returns volume, they bought P2P Mailing. Hell-bent on securing their position in cross-border eCommerce, FedEx paid £92 million to acquire P2P Mailing, an international UK-based parcel […]

Online Retailers at Risk of “Returns Tsunami” with TBYB Scheme

Howdy ! Try before you buy (TBYB) is fast becoming an eCommerce trend that must be considered with caution. It’s a scheme in which online shoppers can order dozens of items to try on, return those that they don’t want to keep, and then receive a refund even though the online retailer whom they bought […]

UK online retailers

UK’s Biggest Online Retailers Enjoy 23% Sales Growth

Howdy ! By keeping abreast of the latest eCommerce technologies,  UK’s biggest online retailers saw their sales spike by 23% last year. Ocado, ASOS,,, and Feelunique are just among those who made the list. Their revenues, which increased to £8.4 billion from £6.8 billion in the previous year, can be attributed to mobile […]