Amazon Australia Launch Imminent

Amazon has been expanding into new territories as it looks top grow its business globally. Now it has its sights set on Australia. Earlier this week 500 merchants gathered in Sydney to listen to Amazon Australia’s manager, Rocco Braeuniger, and Fabio Bertola, head of seller services for Australia talk about how it will all work […]

GS1 Identifies the Different Types of Online Sellers

Howdy ! GS1 sets product identification standards to ensure that consumers are able to locate the products that they want, whether in-store or online. Its UK arm has over 32,000 members, 67% of which joined to sell on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, while 9,000 admitted that they do business on online marketplaces. As the […]

A Marketplace for Warehouse Space

Howdy ! Storage and fulfilment space poses a big problem for many online retailers, especially in the weeks leading up to the holiday season due to the surge in orders. But the search for warehouse space ends here as LogistCompare, a warehouse marketplace platform, launched recently in the United Kingdom to provide storage and fulfilment […]

Amazon Offers Free Shipping for Business Products

Howdy ! If you’re selling on the Amazon Business marketplace but have not enrolled in FBA yet, it’s high time you considered it to get your products into the Business Prime Shipping programme. Launched recently in Germany and the United States, Amazon’s new paid shipping service offers unlimited free two-day shipping on Prime-eligible office supplies […]

Pricesearcher Holds eCommerce Networking Event in London

Howdy ! Having a clear understanding of what sells online is as beneficial to your business as having a rich customer database. That will help you sell effectively and meet, if not surpass, your profit margin during and beyond the holiday shopping season. Join Pricesearcher, a free and unbiased product search engine that displays products […]

5 Campaign Ideas for Your Holiday Email Marketing

Howdy ! Sending the right message to your email subscribers will ensure a higher open and click rate, which translates into increased online traffic and, of course, revenue. But what exactly should you write in your next email? There are a lot of ideas that you can actually incorporate into your email marketing campaign, ranging […]

How do Shoppers Plan to Swoop Black Friday Deals?

Howdy ! Black Friday this year is going to be very big in the UK, as 81% of shoppers are planning to go on a shopping spree and swoop up the best deals. In the US, about 44% of consumers said they are looking forward to the shopping event. Knowing this information as early as […]

Let’s Get down to the Mailchimp Crash Course

Howdy ! The long wait is over. We are happy to announce that we have finished working on the Mailchimp Crash Course and are releasing it this week. If you are dipping your toes into email marketing, this course takes you through the basic features and functions of Mailchimp, an easy and affordable tool to […]