Magento Amazon Integration

Magento To Bring Direct Amazon Integration To Users

Howdy ! We have breaking news coming in from the Magento headquarters that will surely excite all of you who are selling, or thinking of selling, on Amazon through the most popular eCommerce platform. Magento announced today their integration with Amazon, which will enable you to manage your listings, inventory, pricing, and orders, as well […]


Gen Z’s Insatiable Appetite for Online Content

Howdy ! How often do you update your social media pages and publish new website content that is useful to your followers? If you wait to get in the mood before working on them, you could be missing out on the opportunity to increase engagement and conversion. A new study from Adobe reveals that online […]

Europe’s eCommerce Race Tightens as JD Enters

Howdy ! Chinese online retailer is set to challenge Amazon and influence Europe’s three largest eCommerce markets: France, United Kingdom and Germany. Now you know what that means for you and your business. Another sales channel to sell and earn more is going to be made available to you. Next year the company will […]

Amazon’s Q4 Earnings Soar

Howdy ! Amazon remains a sturdy giant and the favoured shopping platform of online shoppers as reflected in its earnings for the fiscal fourth quarter of 2017. The online retailer’s revenue during the holiday season surged to $60.5 billion, surpassing financial experts’ estimation of $59.83 billion, and it secured $1.9 billion net income. Brian Olsavsky, […]

The Sin of Disappearing on Customers

Howdy ! Some sins are forgivable, but forgetting a customer ever existed after they’ve placed an order in your online store isn’t one of them. Failure to send them a post-purchase email is the fastest and easiest way to ruin your chances of creating customer loyalty, not to mention repeat sales. Narvar and YouGov conducted […]

Online Shoppers’ Average Spend Increases to 80%

Howdy ! There’s no question about it; UK folks love to shop. Over the past three months, though, something triggered them to spend more money than usual online. According to a new study that was commissioned by Royal Mail, the total spend of online shoppers increased to 80% from 74%, with £40 spent every month […]

eBay Pushes for Voice Shopping

Howdy ! Are keyboards and touchscreens approaching obsolescence as conversational commerce, or the purchase of products using voice assistants, advances? We ask because online shoppers are increasingly relying on voice-controlled services and devices, such as Alexa, Google Home and Siri, when purchasing products online. Even eBay CEO Devin Wenig envisions voice technology playing a big […]

MasterCard’s AI Protects Cardholders from Fraud

Howdy ! Artificial intelligence (AI) has started to take form in eCommerce, with many businesses employing chatbots, voice assistants, and machine learning to meet their customers’ expectations. Aside from expediting customer support and delivery time, though, protecting your customers from payment fraud should be among your main concerns as an online seller. Credit card fraud […]