FedEx offers fulfillment service to SMEs

FedEx Offers Fulfilment Service to SMEs

Howdy ! Last week, international logistics and shipping company FedEx launched a fulfilment service called FedEx Fulfillment, to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) fulfil orders from their websites and from online marketplaces. It’s actually similar to Amazon’s fulfilment program, Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), except that FedEx Fulfillment specifically targets SMEs. If you’re looking for […]


Are Amazon and PayPal Working out a Partnership?

Howdy ! Would you date your arch-rival’s ex — former corporate partner, that is? The idea doesn’t seem to bother Amazon who is reportedly in talks with PayPal for a possible partnership. According to information we’ve gathered, Amazon is looking to allow its customers to pay for their purchases through PayPal, but the eCommerce giant […]


Setting WidgetChimp into Play amidst eBay’s Active Content Policy

Howdy ! In our special live webinar yesterday, we touched on eBay’s new policy on active content which has been worrying many sellers ever since it was announced last year.   We talked about why eBay came up with such decision, how it’s going to affect your business and how WidgetChimp will figure on this […]


5 Content Marketing Ideas Inspired by the Love Month

Howdy ! Although known as the love month, February offers other holidays and events which you can use in content marketing, to drive more customers to your website. Providing useful content on your eCommerce site is an effective way of gaining customer interest, and eventually boosting your sales. How you lay out your content is […]


eBay’s Q4 2016 Earnings and Business Forecast

Howdy ! The fourth fiscal quarter of 2016 was a success for eBay, and we do hope it was for you too. After crunching the numbers, eBay recorded a gross merchandise volume (GMV) of $22.3 billion for said quarter, while their revenue amounted to $2.4 billion. The key drivers of this substantial growth were eBay’s […]


Magento 2 is Still Not Ready

Howdy ! One year and two months after Magento 2 was launched, you’re probably wondering whether or not it’s ready to be used. We know how excited you are, but, unfortunately, Magento 2 is still not ready for multichannel eCommerce. Better for you to know the bitter truth than get yourself and your business into […]


Business Talk with the Manc Entrepreneur

Howdy ! Chances are if you are reading this right now you are a member on UnderstandingE and are either an Entrepreneur yourself or you work for an eCommerce company. Either way my YouTube channel called Manc Entrepreneur will have something for you. You can join me every weekday as I talk about the different aspects […]

Smartphones Led Growth in UK's 2016 eCommerce Sales

Smartphones Led Growth in UK’s 2016 eCommerce Sales

Howdy ! M-commerce is gaining ground fast. Customers in the UK spent a total of £133 billion online last year, and majority of them transacted on their smartphones, according to the data of IMRG Capgemini eRetail Sales Index. Based on the IMRG Index’s numbers, sales made via smartphones increased by 47% in December compared to […]