UK eCommerce Enjoys Sales Momentum

In a normally quiet time of the year for retailers, UK Retailers have seen unprecedented growth in July and into August and in this article we look at why.


Fantastic 5 Recording – Outsourcing The Right Way

In the final Fantastic 5 webinar, Matt & Dave share with you how to Outsource the right way in your ecommerce business, with practical tips and advice.


Fantastic 5 Recording – Product Research

In this webinar, Matt & Dave share with us the process they would use when researching potential new product lines, and how you can identify and exploit opportunities in the market.


eCommerce coming to Developing Countries?

In this blog post we share with you the latest news from the United Nations and their latest programme to help expand Ecommerce to developing countries.


Say Hello to Magento Analytics

Is Google Analytics ready for a competition?  We ask because Magento recently acquired RJMetrics, a data analytics software company which is Magento’s first acquisition since its split with eBay. Although we like Google Analytics, and have in fact released a tutorial on setting it up in Magento, we couldn’t ignore RJMetrics’ more advanced reporting capabilities. […]


Recording: Webinar Replays from 7th June to 2nd August

In this blog we have the past 2 months worth of UnderstandingE Mastermind Webinar recordings available for you to re-watch at your leisure.


Fantastic 5 Recording – Introducing WidgetChimp

In this webinar Matt introduces you to WidgetChimp and shows us first hand what you can do with this amazing piece of software which you can get for free with a UnderstandingE Premium account.


eBay Becoming the Worlds Greatest Store

According to Devin Wenig, CEO of eBay, exciting times await millions of eBay sellers, yourself included! At the recently held eBay Open 2016, eBay’s CEO Devin Wenig revealed his plans for the company, the structural changes it had undergone in the past 12 months, and the charted course of eCommerce. Without directly criticising his predecessor […]