Don’t Sweat the Big Stuff

Don’t Sweat the Big Stuff

Howdy ! Preparing your eCommerce business for the holidays does not require massive, drastic changes; we’d save this for the off-season if we were you. However, you can use some creativity and fine-tuning to ensure your customers get a shopping experience that isn’t only fun but memorable. There are only three months left until Christmas, […]

Web Analytics Tool

What’s Your Web Analytics Tool?

Howdy ! You don’t need to spend a lot of money, nor perform every tactic in SEO books to magnetise customers to your website. However, knowing that your marketing is working is the key to ensuring you are not just throwing money down the metaphorical drain. A web analytics tool generates a comprehensive report which […]

Sell in the Neighbourhood, Save on Shipping

Sell in the Neighbourhood, Save on Shipping

Howdy ! Sometimes you wish your customers would just pick up their orders rather than have them shipped, right? Well, looks like eBay UK heard your wish as they recently launched Local eBay in the United Kingdom. This new feature on eBay UK allows you to market your products to potential buyers within your local […]

Preparing for the Holidays with Early Fulfilment Service

Preparing for the Holidays with Early Fulfilment Service

Howdy ! When the calendar ushers in the “ber” months — the last four months of the year that end in B-E-R — you know the holiday season is not far behind. It’s the time of the year when both shoppers and business owners are at their busiest. Because of the number of holiday parties […]

Black Friday 2016, A Week Long Bonanza

Black Friday Sees Week-Long Bonanza

Howdy ! Have you already made plans for Black Friday? It might seem too early, but top eCommerce execs think otherwise. According to their prediction, this year’s Black Friday is going to be a week-long profit bonanza. For those more astute readers you will realise this is copying what Amazon has done for years…a week […]


Mastermind Webinar Schedule – Part 3

Here we outline the topics for the next 2 months worth of UnderstandingE Mastermind webinars where we will be covering with you a whole host of interesting topics.


Amazon Asks Women to Sell on its Marketplace

Here we look at the latest news from Amazon’s first conference for female entrepreneurs and the message was clear…we want you on Amazon!


UK eCommerce Enjoys Sales Momentum

In a normally quiet time of the year for retailers, UK Retailers have seen unprecedented growth in July and into August and in this article we look at why.