Why the UK is Called A Nation of Online Sellers

Howdy ! Whether you run an eCommerce business or sell items online as a sideline to your day job in the UK, you and the entire community of online retailers are the reason we remain to be the “nation of shopkeepers”. While there are many online businesses that stemmed from careful planning, there are also […]


Sellers on the Magento Platform Generate $101B

Howdy ! 2016 has been a fabulous year for online retailers who sell on the Magento platform. According to market research firm IDC, merchants using Magento sold more than $101 billion worth of merchandise to nearly 51 million shoppers worldwide in 2016. IDC’s data also show that this growth was driven by Magento Commerce’s community […]


The Best Wearable Payment Devices for 2017

Howdy ! Wearables are getting more common, especially as mobile payment devices. Various payment apps are integrated into wearables to make mobile banking and payment much easier.  We now live in a world where we no longer need our cash or cards in order to make physical purchases. Here we list the best wearables that […]

2016 Holidays, a Success for Amazon and Third-Party Sellers

2016 Holidays, a Success for Amazon and Third-Party Sellers

Howdy ! Amazon got more than what it asked for last Christmas, hence calling the 2016 holiday season the best ever. The giant retailer shipped more than one billion items worldwide, but the highlight of the season was the millions of Alexa devices it sold. Sales of Amazon Echo and Echo Dot were nine times […]


Amazon Opens Doors to Second-Hand Items

Howdy ! Amazon introduces a new platform for third-party sellers who want to make money out of their old stuff.   Launched recently in Bangalore, India for its dry run, the Amazon Sell as Individual service allows sellers to list their used items, while it takes care of the packaging, pick-up and delivery process at […]

Magento Welcomes $250m Investment from Hillhouse

Magento Welcomes $250M Investment from Hillhouse

Howdy ! There’s no stopping the growth of Magento Commerce this year, thanks to the Chinese investor who expressed optimism about the company’s future.   One of Asia’s largest investment firms, Hillhouse Capital, has invested a whopping $250 million in Magento for its global expansion specifically in Asia. In its official press release, Magento said […]


Terapeak and eBay Bar In-depth Competition Research

Howdy ! If you’ve been selling online for quite a while, you know how identifying your competition, apart from product research, leads to a sound profit margin. And if you’re selling on eBay, chances are you’re using Terapeak to monitor the sales performance of other sellers who offer the same product as you. However it […]


Entrusting Last-Minute Gifts to Amazon

Howdy ! Gift-giving isn’t only for Christmas time. Having friends and a family of your own, you know pretty well that there’s always somebody whom you need to send a present to for their birthday, wedding, graduation and the list of occasions goes on. However, when you’re too preoccupied with work, you tend to forget […]