And the Best eCommerce Trends of 2017 are…

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Amidst so many opinions and suggestions as to which eCommerce technologies will boost your online sales, only three were actually proven effective.

A recent report from Magento and Lab identified voice search, 3D modelling, and chatbots as the most significant eCommerce trends this year.

If you’re wondering what they can do for you and your business in the foreseeable future, read on to find out.

The future of voice search

Voice search is leading the race as most consumers, young and old alike, prefer to use their voice in making online searches rather than type what they are searching for.

Though it has been around for quite some time, it wasn’t until Amazon and Google launched their voice assistants that this technology propelled into popularity.

What’s more, it looks like it’s aimed at replacing typing soon based on what Tom Head, sales and marketing director at Lab, said:

“Recent research by Comscore suggested that, by 2020, 50% of all online searches will be voice searches. Google have categorized different situations in which people use voice search, such as ‘want-to-know’ moments and ‘want-to-buy’ moments, collectively calling these micro-moments. A good guiding principle for brands is to be there for all micro-moments of the consumer journey, not just when someone is ready to buy.”

Virtual fitting rooms with 3D modelling

It’s one thing to be able to shop online, but getting to try a product before buying it is quite another.

That is a common sentiment among customers which you can end with a 3D environment.

An increasing number of eCommerce stores are using this technology to provide their customers with an augmented reality experience where they can inspect a product from different angles.

That allows them to perceive it without even trying it on.

“Alongside the growth in augmented and virtual reality, we’re starting to see more examples of these engaging models, along with new front-end interactive experiences being used to differentiate from the competition and connect with consumers,” said Head.

Exceed customer expectations with chatbots

Chatbots, as we’ve explained in this article in detail, have the ability to recognise human speech and analyse customer data, hence becoming a sought after artificial intelligence (A.I.) powered application.

It’s a reliable eCommerce tool, especially for customer support as it reduces the rate of dropped calls and ends customer frustration altogether.

Not sure how to integrate this cool technology into your store? Take Head’s advice which is:

“The first step is to review your customer journeys to see where you could gain by automating elements of the experience. ‘Narrow’ AI, which is specialized artificial intelligence designed to do one thing very well, is where the most effective work in chatbots is currently happening, including examples such as facial recognition, providing advice or finding and ordering a product.”

Which of these top eCommerce trends have you activated in your store? We hope to hear from you down in the comments.


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