Jono goes from BBC TV News Journo, to Socking it to ‘em on eBay

Jono goes from BBC TV News Journo, to Socking it to ’em on eBay

In this podcast we speak to Jonathan from Really Cool Kit, who has just quit his job with the BBC to run his own eCommerce business full time.

After he saw talented people be made redundant at the BBC he needed a Plan B, and began a small business online using eBay.  His Plan B has now become his Plan A, as he is now self employed and is putting his full attention into his business.

Hear how Jonathan began selling bits and pieces on eBay almost as a safety net and when he noticed the success he was having online realised that he could take this to the next level.  He spent 3 months choosing his product range carefully and in the Podcast you can find out why he ruled out Electronics and an insight in to how he picked his chosen product ranges.

Also listen right to the end where Jonathan shares his fantastic tip for anyone who wants to get started selling online.

Press Play below and listen in to Jonathan’s story:


Features of Jono’s Business

  • Started selling bits and pieces on eBay
  • Saw the potential and turned it into his ‘Plan B’ and started sourcing products purposefully to sell on the marketplaces
  • Quit his job with the BBC to spend all of his time running his eCommerce business
  • Decided on hosiery for his product range as everyone uses underwear and it isn’t an extravagant purchase
  • Started selling from home and used spare space for racking an packing benches
  • Early days but believes it was his best decision to go self employed
  • As his business grew he had to move into specialised premises as he outgrew house
  • Sells on eBay
  • Sells on Amazon
  • Is using Magento

From Employee to Self Employed

Jonathan has taken the step that all entrepreneurs have to take at some point.  However in Jonathan’s case he had been building his business whilst also employed so he was already up and running when he became self employed.

This Christmas he has spent a record amount on stock and has put processes in place for this to be his best Christmas so far.  So much so he has been shipping out what was his record amount last Christmas on most of the days running up to Christmas this year.

When we asked Jonathan what his aims are for 2014 we both loved his answer which was:

Firstly this is my job now, so I need to make a liveable wage, keep the roof over my head and food  on the table.

Jonathan is confident he has found the formula that will ensure he exceeds what he needs which is simply “List more – Sell more“.

Another great example of an entrepreneur.  He left a great job at the BBC to follow his dreams of running his own business.

Sites/Links Mentioned in the Podcast

Final Thoughts

How we laughed when Jono’s opening comment was 847 hours to go!

By the time you’ll hear this we’ll in December 2013 (or later if you’re listening into this in 2014) they’ll only be handful of days left to deliver the first stage of the guides to the 3rd Generation of multi-channel software. Just like Jono we don’t have all the answers but we know what is possible and are in there with both feet too.

Jonathan’s story is amazing, he’s a normal person just like the rest of us and if he can do it and if you get out there & start it, so can you.

Thank you Jono for sharing your story with us.

Matt & Dave

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