eBay Success Story

Bamford Trading based in Herefordshire Shares eBay Success Story

In the video below you’ll meet John & Gill Hewitt from Bamford Trading, a UK company based in Herefordshire that started from nothing in 2005 to processing several thousand orders every week.

You’ll hear how they used a whiteboard to find several ideas after leaving their jobs in the corporate world to start their own success business using eBay. Today they have over 325,000 feedback comments on their eBay account and how they see eBay as “A business in a Box” which requires minimal experience and no track record needed.

Meet John & Gill from Bamford Trading

About Bamford Trading

From the video you’ll hear the following

  • At the time of recording they had just reached 250,000 feedback, they now have over 325,000 comments.
  • Started back in Jan 2005
  • Gave up the corporate life
  • Used a Whiteboard to list ideas
  • Worked from the garden office and now have filled a warehouse
  • 500-600 orders on a Monday
  • +2,000 orders a week
  • Clear division of labour, John on the tech side & Gill on the operations & staff
  • They suggest starting with eBay as the platform to start from as it has been a great success for their business
  • They class eBay as “A business in a box”, with minimum experience & track record needed
  • Traffic & customers increasing thanks to eBay
  • eBay has given them experience & confidence to further their business

You can find Bamford Trading on eBay here: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Bamford-Trading

The Entrepreneur’s Corner

Also you’ll be able to hear from John in our Entrepreneur’s Corner podcast next week when we ask John the question:

“How can small businesses stay competitive and efficient at the same time?”

In the meantime, you can listen into other successful Entrepreneur’s just like John & Gill that use the marketplaces on our iTunes Podcast here.

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