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Live Christmas Trees on Amazon

Howdy ! ‘Tis the season to bring home a real Christmas tree without chopping one down. How’s that possible? Through Amazon, of course! The online retail giant announced recently that they’re going to start selling fresh 7-foot trees on their online marketplace starting in November. Maintaining family Christmas traditions, which include shopping for the perfect […]

PayPal Achieves 250M Active Users

Howdy ! PayPal has successfully added 50 million users to its payments platform in a span of 18 months, growing its total active accounts to 250 million from 200 million back in February 2017.   That’s a clear indicator of the company’s success, and a gauge of consumer trust. According to the company, if it […]

Amazon Puts Advertising Services under One Umbrella

Howdy ! Consumer goods, movies, music, and a multitude of other products will not sell if they’re not advertised on Amazon. Aware of how important they are as an advertising platform for third-party sellers and vendors, Amazon renamed and reintroduced their advertising services. Amazon Media Group (AMG), Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), and Amazon Advertising Platform […]

A New Study Says Back to School is UK’s Third Biggest Shopping Season

Howdy ! Now that summer is over, parents are busy shopping for their children’s school uniforms, shoes, backpacks, and other supplies in preparation for this school year. Parents spent close to £1 billion in back-to-school shopping last year, making it the UK’s third largest shopping event, next to Black Friday and Christmas, according to Mintel. […]