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The Rise of Serial Returners

Howdy ! Retailers are losing revenues to serial returners. A quarter of them have seen an increase in in-store and online returns over the past two years, revealed a new study from Barclaycard, with the fashion segment being the most affected. 40% of fashion retailers said the alarming rise in refunds, which they’ve been experiencing […]

Ward off Fake Online Reviews  

Howdy ! Online reviews offer an eCommerce business free advertising as well as a springboard for increasing their sales. Nothing can be more powerful in encouraging online shoppers to buy a product from an unfamiliar brand than a great review. According to Forbes, 90% of online consumers read online reviews, which affect the purchasing decisions […]

Your Checklist for Amazon Prime Day

Howdy ! Are you ready to sell and earn megabucks on Amazon Prime Day? We hope you are because the much-awaited sales event of the year is happening in less than three weeks. Although Amazon have yet to announce a date for their biggest flash sale, we’re guessing it’s the 10th or 11th July as […]

Easy Pricing Baffles eBay Sellers

Howdy ! eBay sellers aren’t thrilled with Easy Pricing, a new feature on the marketplace which automatically lowers the Buy It Now price of an item if it doesn’t sell in five days. If you’re not having any trouble disposing your products in 10 days or less, then this probably wouldn’t matter to you. For […]