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Are You Also Replatforming in 2019?

Howdy! Are you happy with the eCommerce platform that you’re currently using for your business? We ask because a new report which was released by cloud service provider Yottaa revealed that more than half of online retailers are planning to replatform in 2019. The company surveyed the plans of over 140 online retailers for this […]

Amazon Lets Teenagers Shop on Their Own

Howdy! Amazon have just opened a new door of opportunity for online sellers whose goods are targeted at young customers, specifically teenagers. They recently launched the ‘Amazon for Teens’ program, giving 13 to 17-year-olds the ability to create and use their own Amazon account to search and purchase products on their own. Aside from their […]

Zalando, a Potential Target for Major eCommerce Players

Howdy ! The company that successfully acquires Zalando can instantly turn into Europe’s largest online fashion retailer. That’s what an analyst at German investment bank Baader Helvea said, citing Zalando as a potential takeover target at a low buyout price. Zalando’s share price spiralled down after announcing a second profit warning in the previous quarter, […]